Noah Cyrus Dominic Purcell Hookup Before Tish Cyrus

Cyrus family has been shattered by recent revelations, as Tish Cyrus, the family matriarch, was spotted looking somber amidst shocking claims of romantic interference. The 56-year-old Tish, known for her role in the renowned family, was seen for the first time since accusations emerged that she had allegedly ‘stolen’ her husband Dominic Purcell from her own daughter, Noah Cyrus igniting an explosive feud within the family.

Noah Cyrus Age

Twenty-four-year-old Noah Cyrus who is thirty years Dominic Purcell’s junior was allegedly hooking up with Dominic before her mom Tish Cyrus struck up a relationship with him.

The saga, as reported by Us Weekly, unfolded amidst a backdrop of longstanding family tensions and rifts that have plagued the household in recent years. The cracks in the family’s unity became apparent following the divorce of Tish and country star Billy Ray Cyrus in 2022 after a three-decade-long marriage. Both Tish and Billy Ray found new love interests last year, with Tish tying the knot with ‘Prison Break’ actor Dominic Purcell in August 2023.

Tish Cyrus Noah Cyrus Relationship

However, the joyous occasion of Tish’s wedding was marred by the absence of her daughter Noah and son Braison, prompting speculation of deeper familial discord. Now, insider claims have emerged suggesting that the rift between Tish and Noah may stem from Tish’s alleged pursuit of Purcell while Noah was romantically involved with him.

According to reports, Noah was seeing Purcell when Tish began to pursue him, indicating a complex and fraught dynamic within the family. The situation has left Noah distraught, with sources suggesting that she feels betrayed by her own mother’s actions.

Despite attempts to reach out to the involved parties for comment, including Tish, Dominic, and Noah, the full extent of the situation remains unclear. However, Tish has previously been vocal about her relationship with Purcell, sharing details about their courtship, including their first date, in a recent appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast.

Tish Cyrus Husband

Tish recounted how Purcell initially reached out to her via Instagram in 2016, expressing admiration for her and her family. However, she only discovered the message a year later, highlighting a missed connection that would later evolve into a whirlwind romance.

The allegations surrounding Tish’s relationship with Purcell have added another layer of complexity to the already tumultuous Cyrus family dynamics. The drama extends beyond Tish and Noah, involving other family members such as Miley Cyrus, who has stood by her mother amidst the turmoil.

As the saga continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the Cyrus family will navigate these turbulent waters and whether reconciliation is possible amidst the accusations and rifts that have torn them apart.

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