Are you looking for a blast from the past? Candy is a big part of everyone’s childhood and there are some classic favourites that everyone needs to try at least once in their life.

Being a kid and going to a candy store was so exciting. The sweet smell that hits you as soon as you opened the door. All the fun colors and images on the packaging. Candy is a constantly changing market but there are a few classics that always manage to stay in rotation.

Courtesy of Candy Funhouse


 Also known as the “soap gum”. This Canadian made gum uses a rosewater taste that distinctively tastes like soap.

Wonka Sweetarts

 Since the 1960s Willy Wonka Sweetarts gradually transform from tart to sweet and full of fruity flavor.

Necco Wafers

 One of the original retro candies, first coming to the market in 1847 and continuing to use the same recipe today has an arrangement of orange, lemon, lime, clove, chocolate, cinnamon, licorice, and wintergreen.

Big League Chew

 Unlike Hubba Bubba, this old-fashioned bubble gum comes shredded and in a small foldable pouch.

Mackintosh Toffee

 Since the 1890s people have been enjoying the creamy taste of Mackintosh Toffee. Just be careful not to break a tooth!

Popeye Candy Stick

 Powdery, sweet, and crunchy Popeye Candy Sticks are a must-have classic candy.

Pop Rocks

 Since 1975 Pop Rocks have been a memorable candy experience. Tiny pieces of granulated candy that explode in your mouth, literally and with flavour!

Courtesy of Candy Funhouse


 Another Willy Wonka classic dating back to 1970. Crunchy and full of tangy flavour. They can be overly sweet or overly sour.

Salt Water Taffy

 Salt Water Taffy has been mouth-watering delicious since 1880. Sweet, gooey, stretchy, and chewy – this candy comes in an array of colors and flavours.

Jolly Rancher

 First coming onto the scene in 1949 Jolly Ranchers have always been full of fruity taste and bright in color. This candy can make anyone feel jolly!

Tootsie Roll Candy

 You may have seen this candy in your trick-or-treating bag, and your parents may have snagged a few of them. A Tootsie Roll is not a caramel, and not a toffee but rather a chewy chocolate.

Laffy Taffy

 Something fun about Laffy Taffy, besides their yummy fruity taste, is that each one comes with a joke on the wrapper.

Which candy are you going to be trying first? More importantly, where are you going to get it from? Candy Funhouse is a great place to get all your candy cravings!

Published by HOLR Magazine.