With the amount of time we spend in our beds, it’s imperative to have a mattress that is both supportive and comfortable.

After all, a good night’s sleep can be the difference between a decent day and a great day, and the Novosbed mattress sets you up for success. 

As someone who struggles with back pain upon waking, I am on an eternal hunt for a great mattress; and the Novosbed Memory Foam mattress has made a world of difference in my life. As a back and side sleeper, I need something both firm and supportive, while soft enough to cushion my hips. Fortunately, with the Novosbed customization options, they have made it easy for me to find The One.

As you start the process to purchase a mattress, the website takes you through a quiz that determines the mattress firmness that you need. The recommendation is based on your body weight and how you sleep, to provide just the right fit for you. After going through the quiz, I landed on the Medium firmness. 

Now, no matter if I’m tossing and turning from side to side, or sleep on my back all night, my back feels healthy upon waking. Those little nagging aches and pains are no more, and I couldn’t be happier that I decided to give this mattress a try. With the influx of boxed mattresses on the market, it can be hard to determine which one is right for you, but this one has been a stand out for me. My partner, who suffers from arthritis, is also a bit of a mattress fanatic so we’ve tried over 5 mattresses in the last 4 years. But I think I can say with confidence that the Novosbed mattress is here to stay. 

Novosbed is a North American luxury memory foam mattress company that uses 5th generation high-density memory foam. The mattress offers support, comfort, motion isolation and body contouring that is unparalleled. The best part is that they’re such strong believers in the product they are making, that all buyers can try the mattress for 120 nights and if they are not satisfied they are able to return it between nights 60 and 120. 

The mattress consists of four layers that work in perfect harmony together. 

  1. A support zone; the bottom layer that is a premium support foam providing balanced support.
  2. A transition zone; the next layer that is a transitional memory foam providing body contouring, pressure point relief while isolating motion, so that if you share a bed with someone, you will no longer feel their movements as much. 
  3. A comfort zone; the top layer which is a next-generation memory foam that creates a comfortable and cooling environment. 
  4. An ultra-soft washable cover; this eco-conscious and machine washable Tencel® top cover draws moisture away from your body for the ultimate comfort while you sleep. 

All in all, I highly recommend Novosbed as the best Memory Foam mattress as it has been a big game changer for me and my quality of sleep. The mattress retail price starts at $899 and increases in price based on size. 

Shop the Novosbed here.

GoodMorning.com provided a mattress to HOLR for review purposes. Opinions expressed in this publication are those of the editorial team.