“Obsession,” the latest hit show on Netflix, has a sex scene with just a man and a pillow. One particular scene in this new sensual thriller series Obsession has viewers feeling incredibly disgusted.

Obsession (2023) – Review | Netflix Series | Heaven of Horror

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The four-part series, which debuted on Netflix earlier this month, focuses on Dr. William Farrow (Richard Armitage), who appears to be a happy husband to wife Ingrid (Indira Varma), and have two adult children, Jay (Rish Shah) and Sally (Sonera Angel).

However, when his son Jay introduces Anna (Charlie Murphy), his new girlfriend, his life is completely turned upside down, and he finds himself becoming an obsessive infatuation with the younger lady.

Pillow Scene

Image Credit: Netflix

Although there are plenty of sizzling scenes in the show, one, in particular, has audiences wriggling in their chairs. In the scene, William frantically searches a hotel room where Anna had stayed for anything connected to her. William is unable to discover any of her possessions, but he does manage to take a pillow that appears to still have her scent on it, and he doesn’t hold back.

It prompts him to engage in a full-fledged sex act in which he literally grabs the pillow and approaches it, sniffs it, bites it, and humps it like a dog as if it were the real thing.

Netflix Viewers ‘Disgusted’

Netflix viewers appear to have reached their limit with regard to the kinkiness at that point; several expressed their displeasure on Twitter and joked that they would never view another hotel pillow in the same manner again.

One user commented, “The pillow in Obsession is disgusting.” A different commenter said: “The pillow scene in Netflix’s new series Obsession is beyond cringe!” A third person said: “​​I watched that new Netflix show Obsession and honestly I regretted it so bad. Stupid plot, dumb ending, and I’m traumatised by the pillow scene.”

Check out the trailer below:

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