If there’s an underrated topic in the beauty world, I think hair-care routines are one of them! Keeping those lovely locks bouncy and silky at home means finding products that provide nourishment and Olaplex products may just be the one. 

There are days when I love the way my hair looks but there are also days when I feel like my hair is brittle and frizzy and is in need of extra loving. The phrase, “hair is a crowning glory” holds true as it is part of our identity and affects the way we see ourselves so it’s only appropriate that we give it the same amount of tender loving care as our skin. Whether you have fine-textured hair or thick curly ones, finding products that don’t require a lot of work but give you the best results is one to consider. Olaplex products are great in taking care of your hair from home as they have a wide variety of products based on your needs and we hope you might like them!

No. 3 Hair Perfector 100 ml, $28 USD

For someone who has had a fair share of different coloured hairs, a product that helps treat it would be perfect and this product is just that! This hair mask provides intensive treatment while helping repair and strengthen your strands. Bleached hair often causes your hair strands to break off easily as it’s finer and thinner (trust me, I know *cries internally*). Apply once or twice a week with damp towel-dried hair for 10 minutes, wash it off and follow it with No.4 and No.5. This product treats your compromised hair and it’s a SAVIOUR.

No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo 100 ml, $14 USD

This shampoo not only hydrates and leaves your hair clean, but it’s also great in de-frizzing and leaving your hair smooth. If you have coloured-hair, you don’t have to worry because No.4 is colour-safe and it’s sulfate, phosphate, and paraben-free which is always a plus for any hair products!

No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner 100 ml, $14 USD

Applying this product takes care of your tangled problems and makes your hair feel soft like a baby’s bottom. Shampoos, in general, can strip off your natural oils. This is great in making sure your hair receives a boost of moisture and becomes manageable once you get off the shower.

No. 6 Bond Smoother 100 ml, $28 USD

Do you ever wish you can comb/brush your hair in peace without worrying about your hair going up as if you’ve been to a science museum and touched a Van de Graaf generator? We recommend this product to solve that problem. No. 6 is especially great for warmer weather when it gets humid out to help prevent frizz and it just smells amazing!!

No. 7 Bonding Oil 30 ml, $28 USD

This product is a game-changer! Once you’ve applied it at the ends of your hair, trust me when I say you’re just going to want to keep touching your hair non-stop. No.7 leaves your hair smooth and shiny like there’s no tomorrow. Not only does it help lock-in the moisture to your hair, but this product is also great in keeping those baby hairs (as much as we love them) in place.