Picture this: You’re sitting in your hairdresser’s chair – maybe even hair wet, head back, awaiting a massage, when they ask  “How about an Olaplex treatment?” To make sure that the answer is a definite yes, we’re here to tell you all about Olaplex and why it has fans across the globe who swear by it. 


Olaplex has been designed to treat the broken bonds in damaged hair caused by chemical and heat damage. So for any of you who are concerned about colouring or straightening your hair (or both), listen up! Olaplex has designed a three step system, containing a patented secret ingredient which works to rebuild the molecules of the hair and rebond broken strands. Previously, this three-step system was designed for in-salon use only but the brand has successfully released an at-home range which promises the same powerful hair fixing solutions. 

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The “In-Salon” Steps

 No. 1 Bond Multiplier is the first step —  recommended for use with colour services. This specifically works to rebuild damaged bonds in the hair, which are broken during chemical processes of dying your hair. As the treatment is mixed in with the application of the colour service itself, this gets to work while your hair is taking on the dye, for maximum damage protection and a great preventative effect. 

 No. 2 Bond Perfector is applied after shampooing or rinsing colour and continues to restore any remaining broken bonds to ensure hair stays strong and healthy. Like an intense conditioning treatment, this should be left on for around twenty minutes. It also tackles frizz! This again is applied in salon, unlike the third step, No. 3 Hair Perfector, which maintains the results of the other products at home. Use this as a weekly hair treatment, before shampoo and conditioner. 

While these in-salon Olaplex products are designed to be used with colour services, they can also be used independently to work wonders and save particularly damaged looking hair. 


The “At-Home: Steps

For an at-home Olaplex treatment, as well as using the No. 3 treatment, you should pick up the No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo. This shampoo deeply hydrates and strengthens hair, minimising damage from the usual suspects of heat and colouring. Follow this with the No. 5 Maintenance Conditioner, which continues to repair hair and reduce frizz without adding weight. Of the two, the shampoo has the most notable effect but both are great products. 

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For thicker, less oily hair another two new products have been released in the range. The “No 6. Bond Smoother” is a leave in creme which fights frizz and continues to protect hair as well as speeding up drying time. The “No 7. Bonding Oil” is a styling oil to add shine and minimise fly-aways, as well as provide heat protection. 

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By opting for an Olaplex treatment when you visit the salon and continuing to maintain the effects at home, you’re choosing to make a visible difference to the condition of your hair – especially if you have fine hair prone to damage and split ends. Of the at home products, No. 3 – No. 5 are the star picks, with thousands of rave reviews and devotees. Olaplex have proven that their patented ingredients can work miracles, so we highly recommend giving it a try!

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