Who is Olivia Dunne and why is Olivia Dunne TikTok trending? 

Olivia Dunne is an American LSU gymnast as well as a social media personality who is reportedly currently going viral on TikTok for allegedly sharing a post on TikTok showing “The side the media does NOT want to see.”

Olivia Dunne Sports Illustrated 

Dunne is also a Sports Illustrated model. The gymnast is supposedly set to make an appearance in the 60th anniversary Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue this upcoming May 2024, as noted here in this related article.

Olivia Dunne TikTok

Dunne’s TikTok post here has been going viral on the platform and subsequently caused quite a stir online. This is because the social media personality is seemingly showing a side of herself online that is more candid.

In the viral post, Dunne showcases two photos side by side- one of which shows the gymnast in full glam and a sequin dress while the opposite photo shows Dunne more relaxed in a hat, baggy t-shirt, and holding a bag of Cheetos. The caption reads: “The side the media does NOT want to see.”

These two photos show two sides of the gymnast and social media star- with one hinting at the side of the star social media allegedly “does NOT want to see.”

The post was seemingly meant with a lot of positive feedback from her followers alleging that the star looks “pretty” without makeup and that she is “looking good.”

Why is Olivia Dunne so popular?

Dunne gained popularity online when she reportedly started posting videos of her gymnastics. Then, she moved into showcasing more of her everyday lifestyle and has evidently garnered an audience on TikTok of over 7.9 M followers to date.

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Image Credits: @livvy TikTok (Olivia Dunne)

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