Joe Jonas is no stranger to getting cosmetic procedures done to prevent wrinkles and now the actor has opened up about wanting to change the stigma around injectables. We have the details of what he said about receiving injectables and who else agrees with him.

Joe Jonas Partnering with Xeomin

As reported on Just Jared, Joe Jonas has partnered up with Xeomin, a brand of cosmetic injectables, to end the stigma around getting filler to appear more youthful or delay aging. Jonas himself received a Xeomin treatment last year for his frown lines and he said he was happy with the result. Before deciding to go ahead with Xeomin, however, Jonas did research about its safety, efficacy, and ingredient list.

In an older article from Men’s Health, Joe Jonas has been quoted advocating for injectables, believing that they are “not necessarily something we should shy away from.” He also encouraged everyone to be honest and open about speaking their truth and said that, just like more men are becoming open to the idea of using makeup, more men should not be afraid to do whatever they want. “It is a beautiful generation we’re living in”, the pop star concluded.

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Christina Aguilera Also Supports Injectables

Joe Jonas is far from the only celebrity to sing praises about the power of injectables to make people feel more comfortable and confident about their appearances. Christina Aguilera recently announced that she, too, has teamed up with Xeomin to promote “smart toxins”. In an interview with Allure, Aguilera said “I think we can all rely on a little help, why not?” and added that “I don’t believe in judgment where it’s concerned whatsoever.”

Aguilera has also responded to a question about whether she believed that female performers are being scrutinized too often about their appearance. The singer acknowledged that the beauty industry does demand that women have to “look a certain way” but she wants her daughter to grow up “doing what she feels is right for her.”

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What do you think? If you had money and access to good clinics, would you ask your dermatologists about injectables?

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