From lesser-known cities to new escapes, these places are on the up and up. Here are the destinations that travellers from all over the world found and loved. From wish list-worthy getaways to local slices of paradise.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is an ancient city that happens to also be a modern metropolis. Cairo is one of the biggest cities in the middle east and has the traffic to prove it! Cairo is the city of the Thousand Minarets and is a great spot for exploring Egyptian culture and history. A popular attraction is a half-day trip to the Giza Pyramids Sphinx with Camel Riding or an evening dinner cruise on The Nile.

Tulum, Mexico

Mayan ruins tower over the sea in Tulum. The formerly walled city was one of the last cities to be built by the Mayans and all its archeological sites are very well preserved. Take a beach break and visit El Castillo, the Temple of the Frescoes, and the Temple of the Descending God. Explore an underground river under a canopy of stalactites in the caverns of LabnaHa Eco Park or you can paddleboard or snorkel in the Cenote Dos Ojos in the middle of a forest.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik has recovered and has been revived from the war damage it suffered during the 1990s. Located between the Adriatic and the Dinaric Alps it is an accessible and affordable break for many European travellers. Dubrovnik is a charming old town that is pedestrian-only. Take the Game of Thrones Tour or go on a Sea Kayaking Tour.  

Santorini, Cyclades

The Cyclades Island located in the Aegean Sea is a location you would recognize immediately even if you have yet to be there. With its candy-coloured houses carved into cliffs sapphire blue waters – and white buildings with stormy sky-blue half-sphere tops, it is hard to not fall in love with this island. You will find peace laying on the black sand beaches or roam the streets of the village. This island is famous for dreamlike sunsets. Take a 6-Hour Private Best of Santorini Experience tour and experience all the beautiful potential on this island.  

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic delights its visitors with a mix of white-sand beaches and gingerbread-like Victorian architecture. With nine hundred miles of Caribbean coastline, the Dominican Republic is a beach lover’s paradise. Enjoy the breezy palm trees sparkling waters of Punta Cana while on a Sailing and Snorkeling Catamaran Tour. If this sounds like your dream vacation – and it should! – then make sure you apply for your eticket Dominican Republic in plenty of time before you set off. 

Start making your travel bucket list and enjoy all the amazing adventures our world has to offer!

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