One Piece manga chapter 1074 release date has been pushed to Sunday, February 12th, but readers hanging on the edge couldn’t stop thinking about what to expect. 

One Piece readers should have been warned to fasten their seatbelts when author Eiichiro Oda debuted Wano arc as he opened up the curtains on tremendous reveals and plotlines near the saga’s end.  

What’s Next in Chapter 1074? 

When Straw Hats crew arrived at Egghead Island, it was evident to One Piece fans that the arc would hold cliffhangers and further information regarding void century, MADS, Joyboy, devil fruits, world government secrets, and perhaps more. However, Jewelry Bonney’s appearance intentions were blurry until she unveiled being Bartholomew Kuma’s daughter making her the princess of Sorbet Kingdom.

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Moving forward to chapter 1072, Bonney discovers Kuma’s memories which Dr. Vegapunk stored in a separate room in his laboratory. This was the last panel where both Bonney and Vegapunk were seen before she touched Kuma’s tangible memories bubble, which is connected to one of chapter 1074 theories telling Kuma’s memories have a shocking connection to Bonney and Dr. Vegapunk’s disappearance. Monkey D. Luffy was looking for both of them in chapter 1073, which quite confirms they vanished.

Even though Kuma’s tragic past was tackled in the previous chapters, the reason why Kuma agreed to help Vegapunk and offer his body to science still hasn’t seen the light, along with why the mad scientist kept Kuma’s memories hidden away with restricted access.

Meanwhile, the newly announced Saint Jay Garcia Saturn Gorosei (Five Elders) member is heading toward Egghead alongside Kizaru, which might encounter Bonney and Vegapunk before Luffy finds them.

Eustass Kid is heading toward the “man marked by flames,” later revealed to be Jaguar D. Saul (former vice admiral), who is expected to have taken Elbaf- the giants’ island as his refuge after saving Ohara’s books and scripts from the World Government buster call on Ohara.

Monkey D. Garp is on the move to rescue his trainee Koby (Marine captain) from Blackbeard, who was also last seen fighting Trafalgar D. Water Law. 

Despite One Piece’s stretch over the past 25 years, the Japanese manga/series popularity keeps expanding, delivering 15 films, over 100 volumes, and 1000 episodes.

The thrill isn’t over yet, so keep anticipating more!

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