One Piece chapter 1074 release date is delayed meaning predictions and spoilers are set to circulate on Reddit and Twitter in the upcoming days. 

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The highly anticipated One Piece manga is on a break for this week and is set to resume with chapter 1074 on Sunday, February 12th, 2023, at 12:00 am JST. Meanwhile, the forthcoming chapter’s title, storyline, and number of pages are still unknown to this moment. However, One Piece chapter 1074 spoilers are expected to start surfacing on Tuesday, February 8th, via Reddit and Twitter. 

The longest-running manga series, One Piece, remains one of the most popular comics even after two decades, with millions of fans scattered around the world following the phenomenal adventures of the Straw Hats crew led by Monkey D Luffy in their search for the legendary One Piece treasure and beyond. 

Chapter 1073 Recap 

One Piece author Eiichiro Oda dropped major revelations in the previous chapter leaving the readers’ minds blown and craving more. 

In summary, Stussy from CP0 takes down Kaku and Rob Lucci, admitting that she is a double agent for Vegapunk. Roronoa Zoro helps fight off S-Hawk, allowing Edison and Lilith to regain control of the Seraphim.

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Meanwhile, at Sphinx (Edward Newgate’s hometown), Marco (former 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates) learns that the Marines invaded the place during his absence, but Edward Weevil (self-proclaimed Whitebeard’s son) battled them off. Miss Buckin (self-proclaimed Whitebeard’s lover and former member of Rocks Pirates who was also cloned by MADS scientists leading to the creation of Stussy) asks Marco to free her son after Ryokugyu (an admiral in the Marines) captured him.

Back at Egghead island, one of the Five Elders, the newly revealed name Jaygarcia Saturn, meets with admiral Kizaru, also known as Borsalino, to discuss Vegapunk. 

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Live-Action Announcement

Netflix confirmed its live-action One Piece series to stream in 2023, teasing, Adventure is on the horizon! One Piece sets sail in 2023” 

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