The beginning of the first lockdown came with quite a bit of Netflix binging. Outer Banks came at the perfect time for this. Thankfully we have finally been graced with a second season!  Forewarning, there are about to be some spoilers. 

We ended the last season with believing that John B and Sarah were dead. Everybody believes that John B killed Sheriff Peterkin and then fled the area with Sarah where they capsized and were lost at sea. We now know this is not true and they are headed to  Nassau where the gold is being stashed away at the Cameron family’s mansion. While aboard the boat the crew gets word that there is a warrant out for John B worth  $50,000. They decide to keep him hostage and turn him into the police once they dock in the Bahamas. 

Meanwhile, back in the Outer Banks Kie, JJ and Pope are mourning the loss of their best friend and dealing with the fact that they know who really killed Sheriff Peterkin.  They spend their time reflecting on John B and the friendships they had with him and  

harassing the Cameron family, spray painting “MURDERERS” in red paint on the side of their house. 

Once they dock in Nassau John B and Sarah manage to outrun the police and boat crew. They find a hiding place at a hotel Sarah’s family vacationed at while she was a  child. John B manages to steal a housekeeper’s phone and sends a selfie of himself and Sarah to the P4L gang, asking the P4L gang to clear his name. 

The night comes and Sarah is fast asleep on their rooftop. John B sits on the roof.  Feeling the need to sneak away to the Cameron Family mansion to discover the gold.  Against his promise to Sarah that he would not do anything stupid, he does sneak away. Unfortunately, he is spotted on his way to the house and the boat crew is alerted of his whereabouts. While John B has successfully broken into the house and discovered a safe, Sarah awakes and realizes John B has left. Knowing exactly where he went, she began her trek to the house. While walking Sarah is abducted. Surprise,  surprise, it is the boat crew. 

John B returns to the hotel where he finds out Sarah is missing. He has a confrontation with a member of the boat crew, and they take him to where Sarah is being kept. Just  when the boat crew is about to take John B away and turn him in, Sarah and John B 

manage to convince them that they have a stash of millions of dollars of gold they can have. 

John B and Sarah sneak into the gated community where the Cameron Family mansion is located. They pretend to be landscapers and have the boat crew hiding in the back of the truck. Once they get to the house Sarah finds the hidden key and they go in to find the safe. Little do they know that Ward Cameron gets a notification when the front door has been opened. He notifies the police in Nassau and has them sent to the house.  Sarah fiddles with the safe combination until she finally opens it. The boat crew is about to start filling their duffle bags when the police show up. The crew runs and locks John  B and Sarah inside the house. 

John B distracts the police while Sarah tries to get keys to a boat so they can escape.  John B is not successful and finds himself taken into police custody. The police video calls Ward Cameron to reveal who the intruder on the property was. Ward asks to see who it is and the police force John B to lift his head up to the camera. 

This is where we are left at the end of the episode. What will happen next? Will John B  and Sarah be able to escape the police and her dad? 

Published by HOLR Magazine