Shocking Hollywood celebrity before and after faces- allegedly due to Ozempic weight loss- have been circulating online.

HOLR breaks down the claims and subsequent images of Hollywood celebs who have been accused of losing weight loss drugs such as Ozempic.

Ozempic Face

The following celebs have been accused of using weight loss drugs to help them lose weight, in which online users have seen a drastic change in the way these celebs look (especially in their face). Although some have been open about using weight loss drugs to aid with weight loss progress, others have not, in which they have been the subject of online speculation.

Ozempic face occurs when the medication reportedly causes the skin to sag or look aged.

Scott Disick Ozempic Face

Internet users have accused Disick of using Ozempic after photos of the reality star appeared of him looking more gaunt than usual.

These photos were shared only 2 years apart in which the star’s face seems fuller in the image to the right, posted back in 2022. Fans believe that Disick is using Ozempic to lose weight, and a recent clip on The Kardashians allegedly hinted at the star using Mounjaro (an antidiabetic medication that assists with weight loss management) following footage of the medication being spotted in his fridge.

Although Disick has not come forward and addressed these alleged claims of using a weight loss drug, fans think that the cat is now out of the bag following the footage of Disick’s fridge going viral online.

Oprah Winfrey Ozempic Results 2024

Winfrey made headlines recently when she came forward to speak highly about weight loss medications being available. Winfrey has struggled with fluctuating weight for years, and after internet users accused the star of using weight loss drugs, Winfrey revealed that she actually does use weight loss medication.

Winfrey also debuted a special on weight loss drugs following her reveal.

Kelly Clarkson Ozempic Face Before And After

After fans online began speculating that Clarkson used weight loss medication to slim down., Clarkson set the record straight by stating that she uses Mounjaro.

Ozempic Mindy Kaling Before After Photo

Kaling is the latest celeb to be accused of using weight loss drugs as a result of her appearance.

Kaling has reportedly not addressed claims that she is using weight loss medication such as Ozempic but fans have noticed a change in the star’s appearance which has led to speculation.

Sharon Osbourne Ozempic Before After

Osbourne has been accused of using weight loss medication after her face appeared more gaunt to internet users.

Osbourne has since come forward to admit that she did use Ozempic to lose weight- in which she started in 2022 (here). She claimed that she used Ozempic for a few months then went off of it, as the article notes, in including this quote:

“I started on Ozempic last December, and I’ve been off it for a while now, but my warning is don’t give it to teenagers, it’s just too easy. You can lose so much weight and it’s easy to become addicted to that, which is very dangerous.”

Osbourne lost a reported 42 pounds after using Ozempic.

Did Jessica Simpson Use Ozempic

Simpson has also been accused of using Ozempic after it appeared as though she had “Ozempic face.”

However, the star recently cleared the air about her allegedly using Ozempic, in which she shot down the allegations. However, she previously admitted to using diet pills in her book.

What are your thoughts on these “Ozempic Face” celebrity claims?

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