Losing weight should be simple enough: calories in vs. calories out and move a little bit more. While that rule will help you build better habits, it won’t necessarily replace the bad habits that are holding you back. Don’t give up just yet; there are plenty of ways you can adjust and get back to shedding pounds. Watch out for these 6 diet mistakes that you can easily avoid.

Mistake One: Not using Vitamins or Supplements

Supplements are often overlooked when it comes to a healthy diet and weight loss routine, and we’re not necessarily talking about weight loss supplements. If you are choosing to take this route, be sure you only take supplements that contain natural formulas, like this thermogenic fat burner, for the best results. However, vitamins and minerals can help promote overall health.

Take a multivitamin filled with calcium, biotin, iron, vitamin C, D, B2, B12, zinc, selenium, omega 3, copper, and magnesium, or eat foods that contain these nutrients to keep you energized.

Mistake Two: Sleeping Too Little

Sleep is integral to your overall health, so make sure you get enough zzz’s every single night to improve your workout performance and reduce stress. If you get 8 hours of sleep per night, you’re more likely to eat fewer calories throughout the day because your body doesn’t have to compensate for lost energy by eating. Plus, sleep helps you recover from your workouts.

Mistake Three: Eating Too Much on Cheat Days

It’s okay to splurge every now and then, but you can’t make up for your calorie deficit on your cheat day, or you’ll halt your weight-loss progress. Keep counting your calories every day, but include your weekly intake in your journal. If you want to eat 1,500 calories per day, that will add up to 12,000 calories that week. With this number in mind, you’ll stay on track.

Instead of a cheat day, you could have a cheat meal or snack. That 12,000 calorie goal will feel a lot more manageable if you have a slice of pizza instead of a whole pie throughout the day. 

Mistake Four: Neglecting to Count Calories

Counting calories is a total drag, but it’s important to count every single calorie you consume early on. A calorie-tracking app can remind you to check-in, but you still need to take the time to update your meal log. Be sure to add snacks because those can add up to a significant amount of calories at the end of the day. You may lie to yourself, but you can’t run from your waistline.

Don’t let this discourage you. Most of us snack without realizing it, and it can be difficult to get a handle on it at first. Keep unhealthy or high calorie snacks out of sight if you feel too tempted.

Mistake Five: Performing the Same Workouts

Working out seven days a week isn’t always reasonable, especially when you first start. At some point, you’ll have to miss a day because you’re tired or have other commitments, and that one missed day may discourage you enough to quit. To avoid burnout, schedule at least one rest day per week (preferable two) where you can rest, spend time with family, or do yoga.

Mistake Six: Performing the Same Workouts

After a few weeks of running on the treadmill, you may have noticed you’ve plateaued even though you’re staying on your diet and exercising consistently. It’s likely that your body has adapted to your fitness routine and doesn’t feel it needs to lose more weight. To fix this problem, add strength training, a high-intensity interval training session, or ride your bike.

Anything that improves the intensity of the workout will shock the body again and keep your metabolism revved. Change up your fitness routine at least once or twice a week.