By order of the Peaky Blinders, season 6 has arrived on BBC after a long hiatus thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. The question is, will Tommy Shelby survive without Aunt Polly?

Peaky Blinders is one of, if not the most unique show to exist in this overpopulated world of television.  Cillian Murphy playing the role of Thomas Shelby, Mr. Birmingham himself, walks into a bar with a mix of immaculate grace and swagger. “Already broken,” he replies to his soon-to-be lover and wife, Grace Burgess (Annabelle Wallis), when she tells him she’ll break his heart.

Shelby equips a Herringbone cap, topcoat flapping in silhouette, and loaded with blades and other weaponry in disguise. The voice is deep and mellow, the face is chiseled to perfection, and the eyes are blue and full of pain, plus resilience. Wherever Tommy goes, trouble follows, and that is just the way we like it, and so does Tommy Shelby, as he fights to bear with the pain of war not even drugs can fix. How exactly does he distract himself? by causing and living through immense turbulence.

The creators of Peaky Blinders played a a masterstroke by keeping each season short and sweet. 6 episodes in each season were more than enough to instil a high degree of detail, drama, and… music. One of the most standout things about the show is how perfectly the choice of sound resembles the specific scene playing in front of your eyes.

Probably the most beautiful moment of the show was when Tommy Shelby has a complete breakdown, and he proceeds to abuse alcohol and cigarettes, as his cool, calm, and composed demeanor is finally shattered. He loses control, falling over and taking everything down around him. ‘Pyramid Song’ by Radiohead is playing during this scene, and it fit like a glove. A moment of magic took place.

The Peaky Blinders.

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The show opens in 1919 following the First World War, where Tommy comes across a consignment of guns. Winston Churchill sends Inspector Campbell (Sam Niell) to retrieve them, and Tommy decides to keep them as leverage. Campbell becomes a thorn in the gang of the Peaky Blinders. The Shelby family witnesses families pregnancies with competitions, violent deaths, and the introduction of the most intriguing and damaged character in the form of Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson), Tommy’s brother, whose anger and destruction knows no bounds.

Throughout the show, the Peaky Blinders start feuds with anyone they please. From the Shelby’s starting rivalries with London-based gangster Sabini, to starting a war with the Changretta, family thanks to the evergreen Arthur and John, the younger brother of the Shelby’s, to messing around with the Russians. There was not one mob the Shelby’s didn’t mingle with in the most brutal way possible. Obviously this is just touching the surface of what takes place in the first few seasons, and the series will lose its purpose if everything is detailed here.

Luca Changretta from the 'Changretta' family.

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Since the talk is about the sixth and final season of the series, the ending of season 5 needs to be looked at in seldom detail, especially with the final episode of the season ending with Tommy putting a gun to his won head after a failed mission, that was planned to perfection, but the execution fell short. The financial crash of 1929 takes place, Tommy is now MP, and the whole nation relies on the actions of the leader of the Peaky Blinders. There could be a traitor amongst the Shelby family, as Tommy’s whole world falls apart. Season 6 will be a thriller.

The final season of the show is only available to watch on BBC. The first five seasons of the series are already up and running on Netflix, and the concluding season of the award-winning crime drama will air on Netflix June 10. Hold your horses and drinks, it’s about to be an intense finale.

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