Perez Hilton is now sharing his thoughts on Britney Spear’s latest video- should fans of the pop star be worried?

Britney Spears posted a strange video recently to social media and fans are puzzled about the pop star’s current state of mind. Following Britney’s post, Perez Hilton then took to his platform to share his thoughts on Britney’s newest video here.

He captioned his video, “Should Britney Spears Fans Be Worried About This?”

perez hilton britney spears

Image Credit: PerezHilton.com

Throughout the clip, Perez can be seen reacting to Britney’s video. Britney can be seen holding up a dress and running across the room in certain scenes. She also seems to speak with an Australian accent. “So last week, guys, I made a dress,” Spears can be heard saying in the clip as mentioned here. “I was really proud, diamond panel with a slip in the back. A girlfriend helped me sew it. They sent me a dress I didn’t have to make myself!”

The video is fairly chaotic in nature, however, Perez can be seen smiling and laughing at Britney’s antics.

Perez also included a caption below stating:

This is Britney just being Britney.

We see no cause for concern here. U?

According to Perez, Britney’s behaviour is supposedly no cause for concern.

This video comes after Perez posted a video with a shocking update surrounding Britney. In this previous video, Perez can be heard saying, “I have been allowed to share more information with you all about Britney Spears- exclusive details that are alarming. First, an update. Unfortunately, those who love Britney are still concerned for her well-being, and those who love Britney also tell me that they are concerned that someone who is meant to protect her may not be doing that.”

What do you think of Perez Hilton’s response to Britney’s latest video?

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