The cast of this year’s season of Perfect Match has reportedly been leaked!

Perfect Match Season 2 Cast

Allegedly, more rumored cast members from Perfect Match Season 2 have been revealed. This TikTok video, posted by user @realityashley, name-drops some Netflix cast members who will reportedly be featured in the show, looking for love.


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Perfect Match Season 2 Cast Reddit

Among those alleged names are; Jessica Vestal (LIB), Harry Jowsey (Too Hot To Handle), Xanthi Perdikomatis (The Circle), Izzy Zapata (LIB), Holly Scarfone (Too Hot To Handle), Bryton Constantin (Squid Game: The Challenge), Brittan Byrd (Too Hot To Handle), Nigel Jones (Too Hot To Handle), Elys Hutchinson (Too Hot To Handle), Jake Cunningham (The Ultimatum), Tolu Ekundare (The Trust), Christine Obanor (Too Hot To Handle), Stevan Ditter (Too Hot To Handle), Dominique Defoe (Too Hot To Handle), Chris Hahn (Dated and Related), Melinda Melrose (Too Hot To Handle), Kaz Bishop (Dated and Related), Michah Lussier (LIB), Justin Assada (Surviving Paradise), Trevor Sova (LIB).

Note that this list has not been officially confirmed- as of right now it is still a rumored cast as the season has not aired yet.

Perfect Match Dom and Georgia

This Reddit thread also names some more new alleged cast members for Season 2- one of which is supposedly Dom Gabriel, who won Perfect Match last year alongside Georgia Hassarati.

Perfect Match Season 2 Release Date

The release date has not yet been officially revealed but it is reportedly going to debut in June- which is right around the corner!

What do you think of these alleged claims?

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