Perfect Match‘s Tolú Ekundare seemingly exposed Dom Gabriel in a new podcast interview.

Tolu Perfect Match 

June 14, 2024– Tolú is spilling all of the Perfect Match tea in a new podcast interview on The Viall Files with former Bachelor Nation star, Nick Viall. During a new interview, as shown in this TikTok video posted by user @realityashley, Tolú was on The Viall Files talking about her latest Perfect Match experience.

Dom Perfect Match

During the now-viral clip, Tolú claims that Dom allegedly got a “cleaner cut” (essentially a better edit) than what really happened in real life, when talking about one of her matches, Dom. “It was worse,” alleged Tolú when talking to Nick about her experience with Dom during Season 2 of Perfect Match. She claims it was “10 times worse” in real life.

Apparently, Tolú claimed that there was a running joke in the house that Dom hated her. Other people in the house allegedly would go up to Tolú and claim that Dom “hates” her and she heard it enough times to start questioning things about their relationship- and him in geenral.

Podcast host Nick chimes in to state that he hasn’t been a fan of Dom since his last appearance on Perfect Match Season 1- alleging that Dom could be an “emo secret f*ck boy.” Tolú also states that Nick reads Dom “like a book” after that explanation.

Dom is known for wearing painted nails and seemingly feminine clothes but Tolú thinks that there is a lot of “fem baiting” and “fear baiting” going on with Dom- claiming that he is a different person online than he is in person.

Even though we only get a snippet of their relationship on Perfect Match, what do you think about Tolú and Nick’s alleged perspectives on Dom?

Dom has yet to respond to the new claims about him so what are your thoughts on the latest alleged Perfect Match drama between the previous matches?

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