Are Shayne and Chloe from Perfect Match still together? HOLR did some digging to try and find out.

Shayne Jansen and Chloe Veitch of Netflix’s Perfect Match– are they or aren’t they?

Shayne Perfect Match

Shayne became a contestant on Netflix’s Perfect Match after parking in Season 2 of Love is Blind. Shayne was left at the altar by his partner, Natalie Lee, while on the show. According to Natalie, Shayne allegedly tried out for Perfect Match while the two were still dating (after rekindling their romance following Love is Blind’s finale).

Shayne and Chloe Perfect Match 

Shayne and Chloe were matched up on Perfect Match and went through a roller coaster of emotions while being partners on the show. Chloe was first matched up with her ex-boyfriend, Mitchell Eason, leaving Shayne allegedly heartbroken and the three in a supposed love triangle. However, once Chloe decided to match with Shayne until the end, the two soon became inseparable.

However, they had to overcome some challenges (involving Chloe leaving Shayne previously) before they could move into the honeymoon phase of their seemingly blossoming relationship.

At the finale, the two looked to be falling in love with one another. Shayne said that he was “willing to do whatever it takes” after the show (reportedly to make it work) with Chloe responding, “you are my perfect match,” as mentioned here.

Shayne and Chloe Still Together?

So, are Shayne and Chloe still together?

It’s difficult to say as neither party has confirmed their relationship following the finale. However, some fans think that Chloe hinted at a split by posting social media content featuring Shayne’s ex, Natalie, as mentioned here.

Chloe has also been teasing that there’s a new man in her life on social media. Is it Shayne? Some fans have been speculating if it’s Shayne or not.

Hopefully Chloe will reveal all soon!

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