Are Stevan and Alara from Perfect Match still together? 

HOLR breaks down the alleged claims.

Stevan and Alara Perfect Match

June 17, 2024– The burning question that Netflix fans have right now is if Stevan and Alara from Perfect Match Season 2 are still together.

Stevan and Alara Still Together

The pair are the fan-favorite from the latest season of the reality dating show because they are devoted to one another and have not wavered in regards to their relationship. Although they have admitted that they are not each other’s typical type, they definitely have an attraction towards one another and are seen as one of the strongest- if not the strongest- couple in the villa right now.

Are Stevan And Alara Still Dating?

Perfect Match Season 2 is still airing, so as of right now, the duo is matched up on the show. However, are they together in real life?

That question remains unanswered as we don’t know for certain if they stayed together following filming being wrapped.

However, there are some small signs that may hint at the pair’s relationship today, as outlined in this article.

For instance, Alara allegedly follows Stevan on Instagram but Stevan semeingly does not follow her- despite reportedly following other castmates from the show. This doesn’t seem like a good sign for the duo but we don’t know what this means just yet.

As well, Alara is seemingly living with Perfect Match co-star, Micah. It would seem like if Alara and Stevan were still together they would likely be living with one another but again, we don’t know what this means in terms of their relationship.

Stevan and Alara Reddit

Also, it is likely that castmates can’t reveal their relationship status yet since the season is still airing and they don’t want to spoil the ending. As we result, we likely won’t know where these two stand until after the show is done.

Perfect Match Reddit Who Is Still Together

This Reddit thread discusses how Chris talked about how only one couple is still together following the show wrapping- although he doesn’t name that one couple.

This sparked a widespread debate in the comment section with users wondering if it’s actually Stevan and Alara who stayed together or if it could be another couple such as Chris and Tolú or Micah and Izzy- who just matched at the end of the latest episode drop.

As of right now, this little nugget of information remains unclear. Hopefully, we’ll find out soon.

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