So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the Raptors’ mission to claim the NBA Championship was successful–and the country’s admiration for MVP, Kawhi Leonard, has grown exponentially in the process. Canada’s love for the “Fun Guy” has washed over the nation and pleads from Canadian businesses, restaurants, and people for him to stay have been evident across every city in Canada.

From Ka’wine & Dine, to offers of stunning penthouse apartments, to free KD for life, to Plant Guy’s housewarming kawactus, Canadians are doing everything in their power to show Kawhi that Canada loves him and will do whatever we can to convince him to stay.

Now, after the video of Plant Guy looking for Kawhi after the big win went viral, I think we we’re all wondering–would plant guy ever get his gift to Kawhi???

Well, I am happy to report–HE DID!

I happened upon Plant Guy who was bound and determined to get his gift to Kawhi during the big parade and spent the day with him until the mission was complete!

I am also happy to report, he definitely did not forget about the rest of the Raptors and brought custom made magnets with the different faces of the team members on them. He shared these with police officers, fans, and even Masai Ujiri.

The day was filled with tons of chanting, some tears of happiness, a whole lot of excitement, and of course, getting Kawhi his plant.

Enjoy some of the footage from today’s journey of Plant Guy FINALLY getting his plant to Kawhi!



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The plant’s been delivered!

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