Drake addressed the viral clip – allegedly of himself- recently. HOLR breaks it down.

Drake leaked text messages

According to this TikTok video posted by user @shookpopculture, Drake addressed the viral explicit video – allegedly of himself- circulating online, on stage recently.

What's the Drake video

@shookpopculture TIkTok

What’s the Drake video

In the clip of Drake addressing the controversial viral video, he states:

“I need everybody to listen up for a second. It’s come to my attention that there’s a video going around and y’all may have seen me with the Apollo 12 Rocket Ship but I’m gonna clear it up. I wasn’t hiding my meat from the world I was hiding the world from my meat. So now that it’s already out there, ladies and gentle hands where you at?” 

Drake leak Reddit

Drake took to the stage to comment on the supposedly leaked viral clip that allegedly shows himself on a bed, naked from the waist down seemingly touching himself. The video went viral online on social platforms such as X and Reddit, where people were shocked to see the Canadian rapper exposed.

Now, Drake has addressed the viral clip, reportedly not denying claims that it was him featured in the video.

What are your thoughts on Drake’s comment?

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