Mens hairstyles are always evolving and changing with time. For most men, their haircut determines how confident they feel about themselves. A nice haircut is considered the perfect way to complete an outfit. 

There are so many hairstyles that men can choose from. They must understand how different hairstyles suit different face shapes and hair textures. As a man, you can have fun exploring the different options until you find something you like best. Find inspiration from the mens hairstyles listed below.

1. The Modern Mullet

In 2023, the modern mullet, a wolf-like hairdo popular in the 2000s, returned. While it resembles the traditional mullet, the modern variation has a wider variety of looks that are popular in the modern period. 

These variations include women’s mullet hairstyles and short and curtain mullet hair. In Asia, the modern mullet trend is anticipated to be widespread among men and women year-round.

2. Super Short Barber

The very short barber style is becoming increasingly fashionable, especially now that we no longer face COVID lockdown and remote work challenges. The changeover from working from home to the communal environment is easy. 

The modern, short haircut embraces a normal hair texture and sheen, departing from the customary ultra-glossy appearance created through excessive product use. This is in contrast to classic barber styles.

 Those looking for a functional and stylish hairdo increasingly choose this low-maintenance but fashionable look.

3. The Ivy League Cut

This hairstyle is characterized by slightly longer hair on top and short sides and back, similar to the traditional crew cut. This adaptable and stylish haircut is expected to grow popular among people looking for a tidy, polished appearance that radiates confidence and sophistication. 

This is one of the mens hairstyles that will be trending throughout 2023. It can be done on all hair textures but preferably shorter hair in length.

4. The Flat Cut

The sleek and straight design of the flat cut, which is expertly created on the crown and rear of the head, defines it. 

Due to its adaptability and contemporary appeal, working adults and college students have adopted this haircut, especially when it was worn by several high-profile personnel across social media platforms.

5. The Curly Undercut

During the COVID lockdown, when a man’s hair was the only aspect others could see of him, this fad of adding additional depth to haircuts gained traction. 

This hairstyle, adopted by various World Cup players, has gained popularity and added flair and personality to men’s appearances.

6. Curly Medium Mullet

This men’s hairstyle is an alluring distinction of the contemporary mullet with a curly texture for additional charm. 

There will be a rise in popularity for this hairstyle as medium mullets pick up steam globally this year. The rapid expansion of this stylish haircut is anticipated to be influenced by the development of salon technology in various countries. 

The curly medium mullet is poised to make a big statement on the international hair scene with its distinct blend of edginess and flair.

7. Popular Curtain Bangs

Curtain hair made a significant impression on the fashion landscape last year, and it’s expected to continue being a popular trend throughout 2023. The attractiveness of the curtain bangs isn’t diminishing this year; on the contrary, it is gaining ground. 

It has an enduring following and is becoming more well-known in many fashion circles, making it a highly sought-after haircut globally. Curtain hair has a timeless appeal and is a top option for individuals looking for a fashionable and attractive appearance because of its effortlessly sophisticated and adaptable appearance.

8. The Medium-Long Curtains

This is the ideal hairstyle for men who love a bit of long hair. This hairstyle can be worn on all hair textures, including wavy, straight, and curly. It would be best to use a quality hair spray to add extra volume to the hair.

9. The Crop Cut

The definitive feature of this hairstyle is the shorter sides and the longer top. You can make it more outstanding by combining it with fades. The hairstyle is also adaptable for all hair textures.

10. The Bowl Cut

The defining feature of this hairstyle is the bowl-like fringe on the front. To achieve this hairstyle, you may need input from an expert. When visiting the stylist for this hairstyle, it is best to carry a photo to demonstrate.

Published by HOLR Magazine.