Getting ready and all styled up as a guy is becoming far more common, and the reason why is because it works! Find out the top 5 grooming tips that make a clear difference.

Wanting to look good is normal and conveniently not too difficult. These are some of the easiest things to do that will massively change your overall look for the better.

Keep Nails Short And Clean (Hands As Well)

Well kept, clean short nails are an easy thing to maintain as well as one of the easiest things to notice when they are not maintained. It’s pretty easy to understand why long fingernails don’t look great for guys, and dirty nails, as easy as they are to spot, make people not want to touch your hands. This includes the idea of washing your hands, since the pandemic is still here, you should be doing this more than ever, but dirty hands are never pleasant.

Keep Your Hair Clean And Styled

If the Vikings from 1000 years ago were able to do it, then you should be more than able and better at it. Having clean and well-kept hair is attractive and that hasn’t changed ever. Luckily there are more hairstyles now than back then, meaning there is a wide selection of ways to groom your hair. As long as your hair resembles a certain style you will be golden, just make sure you keep it clean. No one likes greasy hair.

Match Belt To Shoes

This is much more of a fashion tip that for some reason many guys forget. Matching your belt to your shoes is a must-have if you’re sporting a belt. Obviously, if you don’t wear belts then it doesn’t matter, but for those walking around with a belt, as it can look very stylish, don’t make the simple mistake of not matching the two.

Stand Up Straight

The most important part of looking good is looking like you feel like you look good. Now that may sound convoluted, but looking confident and standing straight will not just highlight your features, but also compliments whatever you’re wearing. Easily the most forgotten thing to do. Bad posture isn’t attractive to anyone, walking straight up with your head held high, shoulders back, and hips properly aligned and focusing on maintaining that posture is the single most important thing you can do.

Trim Nose Hair

No matter how tall or short you are, nose hairs are visible. It’s not difficult removing them, and they do make a pretty significant difference in your face’s appeal. There are many cheap and easy-to-use nose hair removers, though it’s best to invest in a good one to make this task as simple and fast as possible.

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