Pride and Prejudice is a famous work of female writer Jane Austen. The story depicts the world of the aristocracy in England at the end of the eighteenth century, Darcy and Elizabeth both carry the constraints of pride and prejudice of the society.

The story’s content mainly revolves around the love story between the daughter of a low-income family, Elizabeth Bennet, and a wealthy landowner, Fitzwilliam Darcy. Clever, intelligent Elizabeth, or as people now call her personality, was the complete opposite of older women. She is a role model, going against past mistakes to reinforce what she thinks is right. Despite her low-income family situation, uneducated parents, and five sisters who were not fully brought up, Elizabeth still kept her idea of ​​marrying for love, not money or reputation. Darcy is proud, handsome, and intelligent with a huge fortune. But he always looked at others through their flaws, so he became a thorn in Elizabeth’s eyes, making her despise, swear never to marry him. But through many ups and downs, they gradually understand each other, forgive each other’s mistakes, and find each other.

Jane Austen’s writing style is very unique and satirical to give you an insight into society and love story. If readers are thoughtful when reading, we will notice the depth of thought and meaningful expression of the author. Pride, Prejudice, phrases that sound like patriarchy, the tradition in a modern world that not many people like to hear about, but those were words to judge class, and human position before the twentieth century. Pride and Prejudice not only existed in feudal times, but even now, people are still stubbornly doing impossible things, forcing unreasonable things, but sometimes losing can lose their loved ones. 

A work about love and marriage in England at the beginning of the nineteenth century clearly shows the class division in society, thereby affecting the perspectives of people standing at the top of society with other people. Poor people, people in the countryside, are backward. However, they have never interacted with each other. The elite always has a bad view and prejudice against people who are not in the same class but living in the same country together. One is proud; the other is prejudiced. Experiencing many conflicts and misunderstandings, they eventually gradually turned hate into love. Together, the two overcome class barriers and social prejudices to come together.

 A lighthearted, witty, but also a meaningful story about the profound philosophies that still exist in society will make you experience different emotions. This is a very good suggestion for readers to refer to in the coming summer days to enjoy this meaningful story.