During this busy life, we need some silence from life, this book will help our souls to be more peaceful. The book The Power of Letting Go: How to Drop Everything That’s Holding You Back by John Purkiss is the book for you when going through a difficult time like the present.


Those who know how to let go are the happiest. Suffering is not created by fate or others, but by yourself, knowing how to let go will lead to a simpler and happier life. Living in the world is not simple and easy, sometimes you need to know how to let go of some things then you can be strong enough to get up and move on. Obstinacy only makes you forever immersed in suffering. When you know how to let go, you will find that this life still has a lot of good things waiting for you. And if you are in a state of confusion, stuck with the things that are holding you back, this self-help book by John Purkiss is a perfect choice for you with healing sessions help you see your soul in the deepest way to let go of the negative things around you. This is a self-help book that aims for you to be able to forget everything that is holding you back and to just let go.

In this book, John Purkiss offers interesting and meaningful insights on how to let go. If it is pain that is always latent in each person’s consciousness, always stay in a state of recalling them until they are no longer a huge barrier that always exists in your mind. This also means that you should always face reality, even though negative things, bad things happen to you, you should strongly acknowledge them, they will help you become confident and easily let go. Let go of everything around you that affects you more. If you are always in a state of fear, avoiding fear, then you will not be able to let go of what is holding you back.


Besides, to be able to let go of everything easily, you should form a habit of accepting the truth. You need to admit that not everything is good and positive. Things always have a good side and a bad side. Your personality is the same, sometimes it is good, sometimes it changes according to your mood, and sometimes you even become selfish. You can’t ask for perfection, and letting go of that thought will help you improve yourself and become more mature over time.

Purkiss’ point is that pain patterns reinforce each other until they become unconscious decision factors that hold you back from doing things you do want to do.

“It’s better to be clear about what you want to happen and open-minded about how it will happen. Allow things to happen in unexpected ways”.

This is an extremely suitable book for those who are in a deadlock state, want to balance their life in a better way. And especially, this is a self-help book that helps you look back at yourself, your personality in the deepest way to understand your soul better, and since then when we master ourselves, letting go. It’s much easier to let go of the things that are holding you back. 

Published by HOLR Magazine