Think and Grow Rich, first published in 1937, created a significant influence, and so far, the book has sold tens of millions of copies in nearly a hundred languages worldwide. Think and Grow Rich is a guide to millions of people around the world, helping you on your way to achieving your dreams and becoming successful.

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Today’s young people often tend to be discouraged before failure and have negative thoughts that lead to easily giving up or getting discouraged halfway. Although this book has been published for a long time, it has always become a great inspiration for many young people and everyone. Think and Grow Rich by author Napoleon Hill is a book full of profound philosophy, with positive life lessons. This book not only helps you change your thinking but also reorient your way of thinking about life, career direction to achieve your ambition. Thereby, the book also outlines the most positive and best path for you, which will guide you to success in the most realistic way. The book not only helps you become rich but also enriches your life in all aspects of life, not only financial and economical but also an inspiration to motivate you in terms of life. When you have the determination and desire to realize that idea of getting rich, you can achieve great things.

The content of the book brings great persuasion and encouragement to the reader. The remarkable thing is that the book helps readers understand the secret of success of many famous people such as Henry Ford – an American industrialist, business magnate, and founder of the Ford Motor Company, and many successful people in different career fields. The book mentions two fundamental principles that will help anyone become successful in their field, namely: “Personal Success” and “A Positive Thinking Perspective.” So when we face a job, even the smallest, even though it is difficult for us, we should accept it most positively, and always think that we will overcome. That will be a source of motivation to help you move forward with a great belief and a strong spirit to do what you want confidently. That’s when we triumph over mental strength.


Think and Grow Rich helps you map out the right direction and conquer success with just 13 steps:

Principle 1: Aspiration

Principle 2: Belief

Principle 3: Auto-suggestion

Principle 4: Expert knowledge

Principle 5: Imagination

Principle 6: Make a plan

Principle 7: Be assertive

Principle 8: Persistence

Principle 9: The power of the intellectual elite

Principle 10: Sex

Principle 11: Subconscious mind

Principle 12: Brain

Principle 13: The Sixth Sense 

If you are struggling to know how to orient your life, please read this book once to get a better direction in life from “patient, persistence, perspiration”. The book brings precious lessons for those who always desire to conquer their dreams even though they have not dared to do it, have failed, or want to give up.

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