Alice in Wonderland is a book that every time you read, you discover something new and exciting about Alice, about the fairy tale world of Wonderland, about this exciting and dreamy life itself.

Alice has now become a beautiful 19-year-old girl but is still stubborn and extremely curious about her world. One day, Alice attends a party that she did not expect to be her engagement party with a silly nobleman that her mother and sister arranged. Faced with a dilemma, Alice runs off following a white rabbit in a vest holding a pocket watch. Then from there, a magical world began to happen to her. Alice falls down a rabbit hole and returns to the fairy world of the old days that Alice once set foot in. Here, she begins a new journey and reunites with her old friends, Mad Hatter, the chipmunk friend Dormouse, the extremely adorable twins, the caterpillar Absolem, the White Rabbit McTwisp, and especially the Cheshire cat that appears and disappears. However, Alice has no memories of this place anymore, and her old friends also insist that she is not the Alice they knew ten years ago.Contrary to the beauty and fantasy of Wonderland, this place is gradually tinged with dark colors by the evil domination of the Red Queen. And it is Alice, with the help of her friends and the White Queen, who will rescue them all, returning the inherent peace and magic of this magical land. 

Throughout the book are stories with special meanings, teaching people about imagination, strong ambition, and joy in small lives. Because it was too boring, the little girl ran away from the tree her sister was reading. Everyone in Wonderland had something unusual like Alice’s world, but they were all carefree, carrying joy and strangely childish fun. This also reflects the reality of life when people have to face many worries, fears, and dilemmas. We always want to escape reality or temporarily run away from the place we do not want to meet to a peaceful, beautiful, dreamy place and immerse ourselves in it. That dreamy place is like Wonderland in the story. Alice escapes her bitter reality to come to her dreamland.

The most remarkable thing is that the characters in Alice’s mysterious world always carry a mystery, and they always act strangely, extravagantly but always full of fun and curiosity with Alice. This makes her even more interesting and attracted to the magical land here. The most impressive is Chesire, the cat that appears and disappears, with a cold and mysterious appearance, always surprising Alice, seemingly a villain but is the one who silently helped her find her search on the way back home. Or the caterpillar Absolem with valuable lessons and profound advice for Alice. The author wants to send a feeling to children and adults worldwide to keep the joys, foolishness, and feelings of childhood.

This book will take you into a highly mysterious, magical world with exciting experiences and take you from surprise to surprise under the author’s pen. Therefore, take the time this summer to enjoy this book with many beautiful emotions.