“Little Women” is a children’s novel based on the real childhood experiences of American writer Louisa May Alcott which was originally published in two volumes in 1868 and 1869. This is the story of the exciting adventure of four girls who do their best to increase the family’s income and the beautiful friendships and neighbourhoods in the town. 

Through this book, we will get to know the four March sisters in a small New England town, the beautiful eldest Meg, the clumsy Jo with dreams of becoming a writer, her Slender baby Beth loves music, and her youngest sister Amy. “Little Women” is also a story about a girl who wants to overcome Jo’s old prejudices about women, thereby inspiring generations to decide to ‘make my own way’ in this society.

The story revolves around the life of the four March sisters; Margaret or Meg, the beautiful and dignified sixteen-year-old eldest sister; Fifteenth Jo, full of life and naughty like a boy, dreams of becoming a writer; Thirteen-year-old Beth is gentle, shy, loves music, and finally, her little sister Amy, is a beautiful painter but has a childish personality. Dr. March, their father, is a kind man who lost most of his possessions to help his best friend in need. When the North-South civil war broke out, he had to go to the battlefield again. The four girls stay at home with their mother and nanny, Hannah. When the family has to face difficulties in life, Meg and Jo have to work part-time while Beth and Amy help with the housework. Sometimes the girls feel a bit jealous of their friends, who have a more prosperous life. But when they meet people with more difficult circumstances than themselves, they are still very willing to share and help each other. The anxiety for their father on the battlefield and the boredom of everyday life are somewhat lessened when the four sisters befriend the neighbour boy Laurie and his grandfather, who are extremely good people. The book ends in a happy reunion, an ending that warms the reader’s heart. 

The story does not have a macro meaning but only revolves around women who can live and live to the fullest. Although Beth is quiet and shy, she is still a pianist who loves to play, always has loving sisters who give her peace of mind. Although Jo is stubborn and strong, she still finds herself a happy and successful destination with passion. The traditional eldest sister Meg can conquer the one she loves, build a home. Amy is sharp and stubborn, leaving the US and finding what she likes in Europe.

 If you like to enjoy a peaceful moment, try reading “Little Women”, a work with sadness and joy from everyday things, where people suddenly realize that Jo has a prominent, strong, independent personality. She is the type that people are easy to see in this 21st century. She rejected the idea of ​​early marriage and focused solely on her writing career. While Beth is the silent person who always appears in every corner of our lives. Little Women is just a simple story, simple but delicate and profound. This is indeed a very gentle book even though it is not rosy at all.

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