Day after day more shocking information comes to light about the Royal family and their relationship with Prince Harry and Megan Markle. 

Hello Magazine

Just today Prince William and his wife Kate were on their first public appearance since the Oprah interview aired and many questions were asked. As it was revealed during the interview that the colour of Archie’s skin was of question, Harry acknowledged that it was an upsetting conversation to be a part of. He also did state that the Queen and her husband were not the members who brought the topic up. 

As this news created backlash for the royal family, they released a statement saying “the issues raised, particularly of race are concerning.” It was also asked by a reporter today to Prince William personally, and he stated, “Our family is very much not a racist one.” 

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With this statement, it also comes to light that both brothers have stated that they haven’t been in contact in quite a while and plan to have a conversation soon. With that, Harry has stated that him and William have ‘gone through hell’ together and will always love each other to bits. 

We hope to see progress in this situation between Harry, Megan, their children and the rest of the royal family soon, especially on topics about race and mental health.