Most people usually fear when Mercury is retrograde because those times are often associated with bad happenings. Who can say it has never experienced an extreme mood swing out of nowhere, and when you decided to check, Mercury was in retrograde? If you tend to struggle with this astrological event, we are here to help: here is a quick guide on how to survive mercury retrograde and make the best of it. Enjoy!

People commonly tend to associate Mercure retrograde with periods of chaos, bad luck, and lots of problems. Therefore, we all go crazy when we hear that this time of the year has come. Blame it on Mercury retrograde! But what does it really mean? To get things started, let’s define what Mercury retrograde is: it consists of an astrological phenomenon in which the fast-paced planet seems to move slower than usual and to orbit the Sun backward – meaning, from West to East. Planets actually move around the King Star from East to West – with no exception -, so, in reality, Mercury retrograde is just an optical illusion.

This phenomenon happens three or four times a year when Mercure seems to overtake Earth in its orbit around the Sun. To the supporters of Astrology, Mercury retrograde happens to generate repercussions on Earth since the planet is the one allegedly responsible for ruling communications, travel, and intellect. During Mercury retrograde, some areas of life seem to get disrupted: technology fails, our phones and computers break down, there are recurrent arguments with friends and family, we feel anxious and can’t make simple decisions, our emotions are on edge, and mood swings are a thing, right? If you can relate to that and have checked all the above, we got you covered! Check out a few tips on how to better survive Mercury retrograde:

Mercury Retrograde

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1. Meditate: the benefits of meditation are broad – even when astrological factors are favorable – but this millennial practice is especially beneficial during periods of mental and physical exhaustion, higher levels of stress, and breakdowns. It helps to breathe slower, thinking better, and reaching a state of relaxation and peace that lasts within time.

2. Avoid making big decisions: as in any moment of anxiety, fragility, higher pressure, and nerves on the edge, it is better to think twice before making life changing decisions like signing contracts, dropping school, moving to another city, or deciding the future of your relashionship with your other half. Learn that certain things can – and should – wait until we feel better and have a clearer mind to think wisely, so it is okay to postpone some decisions for a while. Take your time!

3. Use and abuse of Lavender: considering that lavender is believed to open the throat chakra – which is said to rule communication -, using lavender spray to clean your personal space, room, car, and electronic devices is the key. You can also take advantage of the calming and relaxing properties of lavender through the use of lavender essential oils. Add a few drops to your hot bath or to your pillow at night for a restful sleep.

Mercury Retrograde

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4. Journalize: take advantage of this period of emotional instability to write down how you feel. Journalizing is an important activity of reflection and externalizing your feelings is very helpful. Take this time to be gentle with yourself and your feelings, allow yourself to feel the way you do, and treat yourself with things that make you happy and comfortable. It might be a good idea to watch a nice movie, to have a pleasant walk in nature, to eat your favorite food, and to catch up with sleep.

5. Choose well who you spend your time with: to protect yourself and your inner energy, avoid spending too much time scrolling on social media and comparing yourself to others, get away from people who you know that tend to drain your energy or bring you down, and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Being with your family, friends, and biggest supporters can only make you feel good and bring positive energy. 

Mercury Retrograde

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Now you are definitely ready to fight Mercury retrograde with all available tools. Hope the tips were helpful! Feel free to try them out with no moderation!

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