Have you ever travelled to a distant country and wondered how their life is in terms of culture, religion, and food? Eating street food is one of the best ways to interact with the locals as you get more information from them. Possibly street food in New Jersey feeds your joy as you travel around the world? 

Street dishes always speak volumes about the communities. For instance, some of them signify the old tradition of that community, while the new generations bring forth others. Moreover, street food comes in different varieties in terms of shape, size, taste, and aroma.

Street food around the world reminds us of the things that make cities and towns special. Vendors keep you full wherever we go, whether in New York, London, Tokyo, or Johannesburg.

In this article, we will explore some of the best street food from around the world.

1.       BBQ in New Jersey City

If there is one thing you need to have a bite of whenever you visit  New Jersey City, it is their mouth-watering BBQ. In fact, they have an annual celebration that draws local BBQ lovers who go around the streets enjoying the glowing city at night as they enjoy the local cuisine.

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2.       Tacos al pastor in Mexico City 

These are meat-packed grills that you may get to see all over Mexico City originating from Lebanese immigrants who arrived in the early 20th century with food known as shawarma.

As time passed, they mixed the two cultures and produced Tacos Al Pastor. They feature spit-grilled pork that is cooked using the same method as that used for the shawarma.

Tacos al pastor is one of the dishes that are rich in fat and spices. Despite being accompanied by a red hot sauce, no one complains about it. If you visit Mexico City, tacos al pastor is a must-try delicacy.

3.       Dim Sims in Melbourne Market 

This is a blend of ground meat such as pork, cabbage, lamb, beef, and spices. They are deep-fried or steamed enclosed in a thick wrapper and then eaten.

A man named Ken Cheng is the one who originally came up with the recipe to make a dim sim, and to this day, he is still honored together with his sons. 

In Melbourne Market Dim Sims’ is twice the size of the average dimmie. 

4.       Tamagoyaki in Tokyo

If you would truly like to have a taste or a bite of classic Japanese street food, Tamagoyaki is the best way to go. It was established back in 1924, and it was known as a sushi shop, Shero. Later on, it was named Tamagoyaki.

The recipe has been perfected and specialized for years and comprises a rolled omelet that is crafted with dashi or soy sauce.  

You may purchase the rolled omelet treat on a stick that is blended with Japanese mayo and enclosed in shokupan or white bread. This is very exciting as you explore Tokyo city.

5.        Kota from South Africa

This is a combination of dishes that starts with hollow bread filled with various scrumptious ingredients. These include cheese, meat, eggs, French fries, and sauces.

It is also referred to as bunny chow or spatula but that depends on the region of Africa that you have visited. It has a physical size like that of a sandwich. 

In South Africa, especially in Soweto, there is a food festival that is devoted to Kota. So any time you are visiting the country be sure to get a bite of Kota, as it makes street food royalty.

6.       Empanadas in Argentina

Even though empanadas are a staple food in Argentine cuisine, it is found throughout the country.

The best forms of empanadas are from the Salta region. Its main ingredient is stuffed pastries, usually savory. This is also the only area where hot sauce is very common.

One of the easiest ways to meet and greet the local people in Mexico and to get a glimpse of authentic local interaction is by sharing empanadas on a plastic table and having a bit of conversation with the locals.

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7.       Singara Bangladesh 

Singara is prepared as a spiced potato and veggie mixture that is wrapped with thin dough that is fried.

One of the distinguishing properties of a good singara is its flaky texture. Some of them are so flaky they seem to have been prepared with a savory crust.

It is a very cheap street food that everyone can afford. Anytime you make a trip to Bangladesh, singara is the best street food of choice.

8.       Acarajé in Brazil

This is an Afro-Brazilian street food that originates from the Bahia region. It is prepared from the spiced mashed bean and mixed with ground shrimp. They are then made into balls that are fried in palm oil, also known as dendê oil.

The mixture is then covered like a sandwich with salty shrimp, herbs, vegetables, and some sauce. You may find Acarajé in several street halls in Salvador, markets, and nearby beaches.  

9.       Meat Pies in Australia

If you are a meat lover, meat pies are available as Australian street food.

You also don’t have to worry if you are a vegetarian as there are a variety of veggies available. The street meat pies are a staple quick meal whether you are on official duties or a tourist in Australia.

They are available everywhere you go, from small cafes to gas stations and even in the middle of nowhere.

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If you are on a road trip or an organized tour, you may ask your guide about local street food as you plan your itinerary as well as getting your leisure time. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.