So long Summer, hello winter getaway time.


The infectious culture and vibrant atmosphere are only some reasons as to why visiting Brazil will be well worth your while. Choosing a destination to escape to in the cold months can be daunting, as there are many places that will take your mind off shovelling the driveway and entering your ice cold car in the mornings. South America, more specifically Brazil, is the perfect place to let loose and explore beautiful beaches, indulge in rich foods and dance the warm nights away.



The Amazon River and Rainforest is one of the most popular tractions in all of Brazil. With the endangered wildlife and at risk rainforests, Brazil has made it possible to be sustainable and allow tourists to enjoy the eco-friendly atmosphere of the breathtaking Amazon Rainforest.



Jump up Jump up! Brazil is home to the iconic carnival that takes place in February. Witness the beautiful costumes and people coming together from cities such as Rio de Janeiro São Paulo, and Vitória. Vibe to the music and the beautiful ambiance for hours and hours.



Suns out buns out. They don’t call it a Brazilian butt lift for no reason. Beach culture is huge in Brazil, and the sight is just as fixating. Visit the iconic Ipanema and don’t forget to visit the Garota de Ipanema just a few blocks from the beach, where ‘Girl from Ipanema’ was written.


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