What is the controversy surrounding Rebel Wilson alleged leaked footage with Sacha Baron Cohen?

Rebel Wilson has found herself embroiled in an alleged controversy over supposed leaked footage from her movie with Sacha Baron Cohen, leading to delays in the publication of her memoir, “Rebel Rising,” amid harassment allegations against Cohen.

Rebel Wilson & Sacha Baron Cohen Video Controversy

As outlined in this article by Daily Mail, Rebel Wilson was reportedly going through the choreography of a scene with Sacha Baron Cohen, including references to a finger-in-butt moment (as demonstrated in a supposed memoir passage outlined in People Magazine), which contradicts Wilson’s previous claims about being unaware of the scene during filming. Wilson has criticized the release of the footage, calling it “an a**hole move” and seemingly accusing Cohen of bullying and gaslighting her.

Rebel Wilson Sacha Baron

Wilson’s memoir was set for release but faced delays in Australia and the UK, with speculations arising about the reasons behind the postponement. As mentioned by TMZ, the controversy stems from Wilson’s account in the book, where she alleges that Cohen made her uncomfortable by pressuring her to appear nude and participate in the controversial scene during filming for “The Brothers Grimsby.”

In response to Wilson’s allegations, Cohen’s spokesperson supposedly denied the claims, stating that they are contradicted by evidence such as contemporaneous documents, film footage, and eyewitness accounts from the production. They also provided anonymous statements from crew members supporting the presence of the scene in the script and Wilson’s awareness of it.

Despite the alleged evidence presented by Cohen’s team, Wilson maintains her stance, emphasizing that the leaked footage only shows part of the story and does not include her initial refusal to participate in the scene. She describes the situation as a “disgusting episode” and criticizes the unauthorized release of behind-the-scenes video without her approval.

The delay in the memoir’s publication in Australia and the UK has sparked speculation about potential legal implications or pressure from Cohen’s camp. HarperCollins, the publisher, has not commented on these speculations but mentioned that the release dates will be announced in due course.

Meanwhile, Wilson continues to promote her memoir in the United States, where she shares insights into her personal struggles with fatphobia and infertility, as well as her journey to success in Hollywood.

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