Ripley Parker creates her own Netflix series ‘Everything Now.’

First child born to Thandiwe Newton and Ol Parker; Ripley Parker is paving her own way in the entertainment industry.

And it dropped in on Netflix on October 5 and Ripley revealed that the story is partially based on her life.

So, what’s the story about? Let’s take a look.

ripley parker

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Firstly, the series focuses on the journey of London teenager, Mia who returns to school after being treated for anorexia.

And learns to live her life again through a “Bucket List.”

But more than that, it’s a story of family, friendship and recovery.

So much so that it touches on the risks of trying to do too much too fast and rushing something that takes time.

Also, Parker dares to be different while attempting to find a “healthy balance” between living and recovery.

Click below to watch a preview of ‘Everything Now.’

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Meanwhile, with her series taking off on Netflix, Parker is also taking a page out of her dad’s book.

ripley parker

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Becoming quite the writer and producer.

Since collaborating on the Netflix series, she also had other projects going – a musical and a play based on the life of Emily Dickinson.

And both her parents couldn’t be prouder of their child but the fans are also showing their love and support.

While Parker herself hopes that the show will temper the stereotypes surrounding relationships.

Fans are calling her a “genius” and a “Brilliant writer.”

@MILF1ER wrote, “sophie wilde and niamh mccormack’s chemistry bro i ate it up sorry”.

Congratulations to Ripley Parker on her growing career.

Written by HOLR Magazine.