Scrolling through Netflix for hours can be a harrowing experience when you want to escape the monotonous repetition of your daily life. This list will save you a ton of time so you can get straight to business. Here are the top 5 must-watch shows you should tune in to on Netflix!

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All Of Us Are Dead:

A virus outbreak erupts in Hyosan High School in South-Korea as a zombie apocalypse suddenly occurs and threatens the safety of the students. The children are surrounded by zombies as they find a way to survive the flesh-eating monsters. Meanwhile, the Korean military works to handle the outbreak and protect the country from the infected students taking over. How will they survive the zombie massacre? Tune in to find out in this gut-wrenching series full of suspense!

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Love Is Blind:

Created by Chris Coelene, this reality series follows 30 men and women hoping to get struck by cupid. For 10 days in a speed-dating format, the men and women date each other in separate “pods” where communication takes place without actually seeing each other. The men are able to propose whenever they decide. They meet face to face after the proposal for the first time, as the couples take flight to Mexico, where the engaged couples decide their fate all while answering the question: “Is Love Blind?”

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This animated action-adventure series is set in the “League of Legends” fictional universe, which essentially focuses on sisters and two iconic League champions, “VI” and “Jinx.” The sisters fight on rival sides of a war between the rich and idealistic city of “Piltover,” and the sleazy, oppressed city of “Zaun.” The creation of “hextech,” the method of any person with the power to handle magic energy, threatens the balance. Which sister will blitz the other and come out on top?

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Catching Killers:

The police and prosecutors attempt to detain and incarcerate the world’s most violent killers in this thrilling true-crime documentary. Each episode features two stories of murder from around the world, where some of the top notch investigators take us on a journey of catching the most violent and disturbing murderers the world has ever seen. 

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Sweet Magnolias:

This American romantic drama series follows three “South Carolina” women who have been best-friends since high school, as they accompany one another through their choices and the difficulties of romance, career, and family in the small town of “Serenity.” 

Which show will you be watching?

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