Chelsea Grays is an American living the fashion dream of Paris. Her self titled brand focuses mostly on menswear and is known to base collections of certain societal issues like police brutality, and waste. 

At this years NYFW Chelsea Gray’s collection reflected on the year 2020 and everything it represented, from COVID to police brutality, and even voting issues. Each piece was designed to reflect each issue individually, and reflect those issues based from different eras. 

Chelsea Gray is known for the shapes, patterns, and prints to be mixed and matched throughout the pieces to reflect the craft and creativity of the brand. For many of this AW 21 collection the use of plaid, tweed, herringbone and houndstooth, along with bold colours reflect those issues faced in 2020. 

To enhance the creative aspect of the brands fashion choices and the social issues, Chelsea Gray manipulated many of the pieces to reflect these ideas. For instance, the use of the patterns and colours mean nothing without the shapes and manipulations of the garments. For some of the pieces like the army green trench, it has natural looking rips and holes throughout. Another ensemble, a long over shirt and trousers in white have patches of paint which makes the outfit look like a dropcloth. 

Many of these pieces have you thinking about what they represent, knowing they represent a passed (present) issue of 2020, it just is about how the viewer/wearer perceives these pieces. As Chelsea Gray focuses on menswear and the silhouette of men, a lot of her pieces are skirts and dresses, a very popular fashion choice among men in 2020. 

It may not seem traditional for male silhouette but between the utilitarian/ military looks, the colours, and the patterns, these pieces represent men in a very eye opening way.