Barry Keoghan seemingly supported rumored girlfriend Sabrina Carpenter at Coachella 2024 during her performance! 

According to this TikTok video posted by user @meganmaru, Keoghan was the ultimate supportive bf at this year’s Coachella 2024 when he was spotted filming Carpenter’s set at the festival. Check out the viral moment here.

Sabrina Carpenter Coachella 2024


supportive bf omg ! #sabrinacarpenter #barrykeoghan #coachella

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As you can see in the viral video clip, Keoghan can be seen filming scenes from Carpenter’s performance at this year’s festival. This was Carpenter’s first Coachella performance where she performed a handful of songs to the captive audience.
There was also a clip of Carpenter allegedly smiling and waving at Keoghan in the crowd during the middle of her set. Check out the clip of this moment posted by user @hateinthemorning.

Sabrina Carpenter Barry Keoghan Coachella


Sabrin waving to Barry in the middle of her Coachella set🥹 #coachella #sabrinacarpenter

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The pair have been rumored to be dating since early January 2024.
What are your thoughts on Keoghan being a supportive boyfriend to Carpente during her first-ever Coachella performance?

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Image Credits: @meganmaru, @hateinthemorning TikTok, @sabrinacarpenter Instagram

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