Fans are wondering why Sabrina Carpenter’s boyfriend- Barry Keoghan- seems to always cover his face. 

Barry Keoghan Cover His Face

Fans seem to think that Barry Keoghan- who is dating Sabrina Carpenter- seems to always cover his face. But why does this seem to be the case?

Barry Keoghan Sabrina Carpenter

The pair have been linked since December 2023 and have since made their red carpet debut at the Met Gala together this past month. Keoghan also joined Carpenter for her 25th birthday celebration. Fans noticed in a video of the pair- with Carpenter and her birthday cake- that Keoghan was covering his mouth.

He seems to do this a lot, as other photos of the Saltburn star seem to show (here).

Barry Keoghan Girlfriend

So, why does Keoghan seem to cover his face?

Keoghan seems to frequently cover his face with his hand or an item, such as a hat or bandana- as fans have noticed. However, there is no specific reason as to why this is so because Keoghan has not addressed the claims. It could just be because he likes the way it looks in pictures or because it is a coping mechanism while at events or on the red carpet.

What are your thoughts on why you think this is so? 

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