Sometimes it can be hard to fit in a workout with everything else that’s going on in your life. Fortunately, with high-intensity interval training (HIIT), You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to get the body you’ve always wanted. HIIT is all about short bursts of intense activity, followed by quick recovery periods that return your heart rate back to normal. 


HIIT has become so popular because it helps improve your fitness and cardiovascular health, increase metabolism, and melt fat— not to mention it’s a fun way to switch up your boring workout routine.

This full-body workout was designed to be completed in 20 minutes, so you can torch calories and get on with your day. Repeat these five exercises once all the way through (1 set), and then take a break for 45 seconds to let your heart rate return to normal. Repeat this routine for 4 sets before moving on to the ab component. 

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Oblique Squatjacks  

  1. Begin standing in a straight, upright position with your feet together. 
  2. Jump out into a squat position, keeping your feet shoulder-width apart and your core tight, back flat, and head looking straight ahead. As you squat, reach your left hand down to touch your right ankle.
  3. Jump back to the upright starting position with your feet together, keeping your body completely straight. 
  4. Jump out into a squat again, this time using your right hand to touch your left ankle.
  5. Alternate sides for 45 seconds. 


Standing Mountain Climbers

  1. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Bring your right leg up as high as you can and at the same time extend your left arm straight up, keeping your back flat and your hips tucked under you.
  3. Return to the starting position, and then bring up your left knee as high as you can, while extending your right arm up.
  4. Alternate side-to-side for 45 seconds. 


Plank Punches 

  1. Start in a high plank position, with your feet together, your wrists in-line with your shoulders, and your pelvis tucked under you. 
  2. Keeping your body completely straight, left your right arm and punch forwards in front of your, trying to punch above your head.
  3. Return your right arm to the floor, and then do the same with your left arm. 
  4. Alternate for 45 seconds.


Hooks and Jump Rope

  1. Start in a standing position, with your legs shoulder-width apart. 
  2. Bring your right hand up, bent at the elbow, and punch in front of you, keeping your core tight and both feet planted firmly on the floor. Do 4 punches. 
  3. Facing the front of the room, jump up and down, keeping your core tight and back straight, as if you were using a jump rope. Do 8 jumps. 
  4. Return to the starting position and bring your left arm up, bent at the elbow, and punch in front of you, keeping your core right and both feet planted firmly on the floor. Do 4 punches. 
  5. Alternate between sides for 45 seconds. 


 Ski Jumps

  1. Start with your legs together, bent slightly at the knee. Keep your core tight and your pelvis tucked under you with your arms at your sides, bent at the elbow. 
  2. Jump to the right, keeping your legs together, your hips facing forward, and bringing your arms back slightly.
  3. Jump to the left, following the same cues. 
  4. Repeat and alternate sides for 45 seconds.

When you have completed these moves 4 times, taking a 45 second break in between, blast your abs with these moves, doing each move for 30 seconds and then repeating for a total of 2 sets.  


Russian Twist

  1. Sit on the floor, with your knees bent in front of you. Lean back slightly, keeping your back straight so your midsection makes a V-shape. 
  2. Extend your arms in front of you, and then move them to your right side, twisting your torso until your arms are parallel with the ground. 
  3. Bring your arms back to the centre, and then move them to the left side, following the same cues as the right side.
  4. Alternate side-to-side for 30 seconds. 


Oblique Side Reachers

  1. Lie down flat on your back with your legs bent and your arms flat on the floor beside you.
  2. Use your right hand to reach for your right foot, as if you were trying to touch your baby toe. 
  3. Return to the centre, and then alternate to the left side, following the same cues as above. 
  4. Alternate side-to-side for 30 seconds. 


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