Is Jason’s girlfriend friends with the rest of the cast from Selling Sunset? The model took to social media to discuss her thoughts on the rest of the girls!

Is Marie Lou, Jason Oppenheim’s girlfriend, friends with the rest of the girls from the Selling Sunset cast? A recent TikTok video posted by user @realitytvgold1 shows a social media post of Marie Lou talking about the girls. Check it out below:


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As shown in the TikTok video, Marie Lou responds to a question about if she’s friends with any of the cast, and she states that she really loves some of the cast members. However, she goes into depth about most of the girls in her response.

Is Jason’s girlfriend friends with the rest of the cast from Selling Sunset?

“Mary for example is so sweet,” she starts. “Amanza is so funny and smart, Chelsea’s also so smart and so funny, I love them.” She also states that Nicole has “the biggest heart” and that she’s a good friend of hers. “Heather I don’t really know, and the rest are okay,” she finishes.

Notice that she didn’t mention Chrishell – who famously dated Jason before her- Emma or Bre, who recently joined this season. Interesting.

She also ends the video by stating that “You have to watch Season 7” to ultimately learn more.

When asked if she will be in season 7, Marie Lou starts by saying she can’t say too much yet but that, “A lot of things will happen, and maybe too much, actually.”

Is Jason and Marie Lou still together?

The duo are, in fact, still together. Jason introduced her to the rest of the girls during season 6 of Selling Sunset, which premiered just last week.


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Is there a season 7 of Selling Sunset?

There will be a season 7 of Selling Sunset. The cast and release date has yet to be confirmed by Netflix so we’ll have to wait and see what happens!

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