This season of Selling the OC saw a ton of drama unfold between Sean Palmieri and Tyler Stanaland.

HOLR breaks it down below.

Selling the OC Sean Drama

According to this TikTok video posted by user @ashleyvera__, Sean showed text messages he received from Tyler to the entire cast of Selling the OC during Season 3.


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Selling the OC Tyler

In the bombshell scene- which occurred during the final episode of the season, Sean shows off receipts that he was seemingly getting mixed signals from fellow real estate agent, Tyler. The TikToker plays off the Netflix clip that shows Sean alleging that he and Tyler were such close friends that Tyler called him his “best friend for life.”

Sean then shows the rest of the cast text messages from Tyler where Tyler reportedly claims, “Our friendship comes first no matter what. Love you long time” with multiple heart emojis.

Sean also alleges that Tyler has sent him multiple paragraphs and claimed that he is “so controlling” and “so rude.” Sean also alleges that one message from Tyler shows an image of “two women wrapping their legs around each other. When Sean questions if this “is us?” Tyler allegedly writes back stating, “That’s the plan.” This seemingly insinuates mixed signals and Sean also claims that Tyler has sent him gifts.

Selling OC Sean Drama

This confrontation received mixed reactions from fans who were unsure who to believe in this scenario. However, later on in the episode, we find out that Sean’s friends and co-stars- like Ali and Kayla- seemingly have trouble trusting him after parts of his story don’t seem to add up.

It remains unclear what exactly these text messages mean as the context entirety is not revealed in the episode, and the audience is seemingly left more with questions than answers.

It was also recently revealed that both Sean and Tyler have since left the Oppenheim Group.

What are your thoughts on the recent season drop?

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