Did Tyler Stanaland and Austin Victoria kiss in Netflix’s Selling the OC? 

HOLR breaks down the claims.

Tyler and Austin 

According to this TikTok video posted by user @sylvi_uhh_hello, there is a “secondhand cringe” moment in this season of Selling the OC where Tyler allegedly tries to kiss Austin on the cheek.


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Selling the OC Tyler Stanaland

In the now-viral video, Tyler seemingly goes in for a friendly kiss on the cheek with Austin before Austin seemingly turns away and leaves Tyler hanging, promoting a supposed “Secondhand cringe” moment on the Netflix hit show.

This moment is not addressed any further although it garnered a mixed reaction from commenters in the above TikTok video.

Selling the OC Sean and Austin

This moment follows viral claims on the show during a fight between Sean and Austin, where Sean accuses Austin of allegedly “drugging him” with Marijuana cookies and trying to have a “three-way” with his wife and Sean. This led to a big blow-up on the show, which saw Sean and Austin getting angry with one another and Austin seemingly shoving Sean.

Is Tyler from Selling OC gay?

At the end of the season, we also see Tyler and Sean get into it after Sean claims that he got mixed signals from Tyler following text messages sent with heart emojis and gifts being sent to his house. This led to claims online alleging that Tyler might be gay although there is no concrete evidence to support these alleged claims.

What are your thoughts on this moment from the show?

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