Outerwear season is here, especially in Canada and if you want to look good and feel the luxury then two brands that stand out are black-owned businesses Diplomacy and Milano Di Rouge. 

These two brands are leading the game when it comes to creating luxury garments for streetwear, especially for men, women and children. 

Diplomacyis a premium, luxury streetwear brand based in some of the biggest cities like New York, Los Angeles and London, all cities where streetwear is the most competitive. Creative director Eric Archibald took Diplomacy and created a brand that is universal in style and universal to wear anywhere in any country at any time. With a direction of classic silhouettes and lines of luxury fabrics, Archibald designs clothes and streetwear that promote a concept of mindfulness and civility, bringing a universal form of expression through fashion. 

Milano Di Rouge is another luxury black-owned business founded by CEO, designer, philanthropist, author and influencer Milan Rouge. Rouge wanted to create a luxury streetwear brand like never before, one that focuses on providing affordable yet high-quality pieces to men, women and children. Milano Di Rouge was created for the dreamer by a dreamer, as a reminder to those who are fly to remain true to themselves, and always be relentless and ambitious. Milano Di Rouge prides itself on showing everyone is never too late to follow their dreams and encourages men, women and children of any age to keep achieving. 

Diplomacy Core Crewneck $125:

Core Crew

This green core crewneck is made from loopback terry fabric, giving a soft loop feel on the inside. The crewneck has a subtle diplomacy worldwide logo on the front and can be worn as your perfect streetwear look. Throw it over a sweatpant or with jeans and you’ll look fly as always. 

Diplomacy Core Sweatpants $125:

Core Sweats

The Diplomacy core sweatpants are the perfect match to the crewneck, made with love and care in Los Angeles. The sweatpants come with a drawstring and elastic buttons, keeping the casual look elevated, and making it an easy way to pair it with anything street worthy. 

Milano Ply Mouth Set $500:

Ply Mouth

The ply mouth set comes with a bomber jacket and utility pants. This set is the ultimate streetwear style, with multiple fully functional pockets, drawstring pants, and snap buttons on the legs sideseams. This look can be worn together or separately and is unisex. 

Milano Christian Trench $298: 

Christian Trench

The Christian Trench is unisex and perfect for the fall and winter weather. The calf-length coat is double-breasted with wide lapels. On the coat is the saying “Watch the Company You Keep” and “Bad Company Corrupts Good Morals”. This coat can be styled in a formal way or a very casual streetwear look with jeans and a hoodie. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine

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