Who is the Serbian Dancing Lady who has resurfaced and gone viral on TikTok? Is the Serbian Dancing Lady a killer? HOLR is dishing the details on the viral TikTok videos.

A Serbian lady who can be seen dancing in the streets late at night is going viral on TikTok after users captured eerie videos of the woman dancing alone at night.

Serbian Dancing Lady

A woman dancing by herself in the streets in Serbia is making waves on TikTok after users reported some creepy videos of the Serbian lady dancing late at night. Check out some of the trending TikTok videos below- the first video shows a video of the woman dancing alone at night.


be careful guys #serbia #dancingladyserbia #horror #zvezdara

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This next video shows people allegedly following the woman and addressing her while the woman turns to chase them while holding something.


Odgovori @Messi goat PART 2!!!!! Scared the sh!t out of us!! #serbiandancinglady #part2 #update #beograd #zvezdara #niš #scary #horror

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Serbian Dancing Lady Killer

This TikTok video warns users to not approach the Serbian lady dancing as “people believe that if you approach her she might attack you.”


Serbian Dancing Lady is creepy #serbiandancinglady #creepy #scary #scarystories

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Although there haven’t been any actual reports of her hurting anybody, the videos taken of her are still incredibly creepy. It is also not confirmed if this is a hoax or a prank, as mentioned in the above video.

Serbian Dancing Lady Reddit

Reddit users have taken to the platform to discuss the viral Serbian Dancing Lady. In this thread, users discuss if the woman is real or if it is an urban legend. According to one user, the woman is real and has allegedly threatened people.

Check out the comment below.

“Am not from serbia but i have a friend from there and i did some research cuz like why not -_- Yes. This is real however she dosent REALLY harm the people, she just chases them and like threatens them or smth”

Another user chimed in to say that the Serbian dancing lady allegedly mysteriously disappeared when police try looking for her. There are even allegations that she has been seen elsewhere, such as in other countries.

Check out the comment below.

“I’m not from Serbia I’m from Egypt but the Serbian dancing lady appeared in the Serbian news and there are so much footages of her dancing and chasing people, it hasn’t been confirmed if she’s actually killed people but from what I know is that the police have tried looking for her but she just disappeared, she’s mysterious and she can appear anywhere, literally anywhere not just in Serbia even in the USA or any other country”

It has not been confirmed whether or not this woman is dangerous but there’s no doubt that the videos of the woman dancing in the streets alone at night going viral online are pretty eerie! Rumors surrounding the Serbian dancing lady are running wild so we’ll have to keep an eye on TikTok to follow this story.

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