Donald Trump Says He’s Received A Letter From Special Counsel Jack Smith

Apparently, Trump has been warned that he is the target of the Grand Jury investigation into the January 6th riots

Donald Trump clapping on stage at his rally, looking out into the crowd with many of his supporters behind him with signs and flags.

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January 6th Riots

This morning former United States President, Donald J. Trump announced that he has received a “target letter” from Social Counsel, Jack Smith. He posted to his personal social media platform, ‘Truth Social‘, saying that this is a foretelling of another indictment as letters like this “almost always means an arrest and indictment”.

He has been indicted two times before for financial fraud and the illegal possession of classified documents. Right now he is, allegedly, being investigated by a Grand Jury for an attempt to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power from himself to President Elect, Joe Biden, though the specific charges are unknown.

In his post, Donald Trump called this “Horrifying news for our country” insisting that he did win the 2020 presidential election and this investigation is a “witch hunt” headed by the current United States President Joe Biden.

Trump is telling his supporters that Biden is using his team to target him as he believes he is “Biden’s number one political opponent” and “is largely dominating him in the polls”.

In this letter he has been told he has four days to report to a the Grand Jury. He ended his statement by accusing Biden of the very offenses he himself is, allegedly, under investigation for, saying it is “all about election interference and a complete and total weaponization of law enforcement”. You can read his full  statement below:

Donald Trump's official statement posted to his profile on 'Truth Social'.

Credit: Donald J. Trump/ Truth Social

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