HOLR breaks down why Shad Thyrion head photo is trending online following the graphic details of his death. 

HOLR breaks down the trending case and evidence.

Shad Thyrion Head

According to this article, 26 yea-old Taylor Schabusiness is currently on trial for the murder of Shad Thyrion. Allegedly, Thyrion’s head was found decapitated by his mother back in 2022. A photo of the tools Schabusiness used to dismember Thyrion has gone viral online. Supposedly, Schabusiness used these tools during a rough sexual encounter with Thyrion that the duo often engaged in.

Shad Thyrion Head Photo

As noted in the article, Thyrion’s cause of death was reportedly strangulation and “the manner of death was homicide” (also noted here). Schabusiness was allegedly on drugs, in which it has been alleged that Schabusiness and Thyrion were supposedly together smoking meth and engaging in sexual intercourse before his severed head was found by his mother in a bucket. Schabusiness was arrested after she was one of the last individuals to see Thyrion alive. As a result, she was subsequently charged with first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse, and third-degree sexual assault as noted here.

Shad Thyrion Video

Body cam footage played during the trial allegedly shows Thyrion’s head being found by police as mentioned in this article. The footage is extremely graphic and disturbing.

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