Shah Rukh Khan supports Team India after World Cup loss, Ranveer Singh also shares his thoughts.

Bollywood superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Ranveer Singh expressed their heartfelt sentiments following India’s unfortunate loss in the recent World Cup. The cricket-crazy nation witnessed an outpouring of emotions as fans grappled with the team’s defeat, and these two leading actors took to social media to extend their encouragement and commiseration.

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who was in attendance at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad alongside his wife Gauri Khan, and their children, Suhana Khan and Aryan Khan, took a poignant moment to pen a heartfelt note for Team India following their loss in the World Cup 2023 final against Australia. The atmosphere at the stadium was charged with anticipation, and despite the ultimate disappointment, Shah Rukh Khan’s words carried a tone of appreciation and encouragement for the valiant efforts put forth by the Indian cricket team. In his note, the Bollywood icon expressed solidarity with the players and highlighted the pride he felt for the memorable journey they undertook during the tournament. As a passionate cricket enthusiast, Shah Rukh Khan’s words resonated with fans across the nation, encapsulating the shared sentiment of admiration for Team India’s spirited performance.

Shah Rukh thanked team India on his Twitter and said- “The way the Indian team has played this whole tournament is a matter of honor and they showed great spirit and tenacity. It’s a sport and there are always a bad day or two. Unfortunately, it happened today….but thank u Team India for making us so proud of our sporting legacy in cricket…u bring too much cheer to the whole of India. Love and respect. You make us one proud Nation” (as also noted here).

Ranveer Singh Shares the Grief:

Another prominent face in the Indian film industry, Ranveer Singh, also expressed his feelings on the World Cup loss. The versatile actor, known for his infectious energy and passion, took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message. In a post that resonated with fans, Ranveer acknowledged the disappointment felt across the nation while praising the team for their hard work and dedication.

“We’re all gutted with the result, but let’s not forget the incredible journey our boys had in the World Cup. They fought with all their heart and made us proud. Chin up, Team India! You’ve got a nation behind you. #OneTeamOneDream #BleedBlue,” wrote Ranveer Singh alongside a photo of the Indian cricket team.

Team Australia emerged victorious by 6 wickets against India. The match drew a star-studded audience, with celebrities such as AbRam Khan, Shanaya Kapoor, Asha Bhosle, Daggubati Venkatesh, Ayushmann Khurrana, and Vivek Oberoi spotted at the stadium, adding glitz and glamour to the high-stakes cricket showdown. Among the notable attendees were power couple Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, who were seen passionately supporting the Indian team. Adding to the starry spectacle were Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, who joined the Khans in cheering for India from the stands. Deepika, accompanied by her sister Anisha and their father, legendary badminton champion Prakash Padukone, brought an extra layer of excitement to the cricketing extravaganza. The presence of these Bollywood and sports luminaries added an extra layer of excitement to an already electrifying match, creating an unforgettable experience for fans in the stadium and those following the action from afar.

Adding to the star-studded audience, Anushka Sharma and Athiya Shetty were also in attendance at the stadium, supporting their respective husbands who were battling it out on the field. A viral photo captured a moment of disappointment as both Anushka and Athiya appeared somber while witnessing India’s defeat to Australia. The image, circulating widely on social media, reflects the emotional rollercoaster experienced by fans and celebrities alike during intense cricket matches.

Post-match, emotions ran high as Anushka Sharma was spotted embracing her husband, Virat Kohli, near the stands. Although Virat’s facial expressions were not visible to the public, the poignant image showcased a private moment of solace between the power couple. The camera captured the back of Virat Kohli, adorned in the iconic blue jersey with his name, as Anushka tenderly consoled him in a display of unwavering support. This candid moment serves as a reminder of the personal sacrifices and emotional investments made by athletes and their families in the pursuit of sporting glory.

The reactions from Shah Rukh Khan and Ranveer Singh exemplify the sentiment shared by countless fans and celebrities alike. Bollywood, often seen as a reflection of Indian society, showcased its unwavering support for the cricket team. Messages of encouragement, resilience, and optimism flooded social media platforms as the nation collectively processed the World Cup defeat.

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