HOLR is sitting down to chat with Thomas Tullo, the Owner And Spa Director of Aman Spa. Check out our conversation.

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Thomas Tullo, Owner and Spa Director of Aman Spa, is sitting down with HOLR to discuss the brand’s beginnings and how Aman Spa delivers wellness-oriented services that keep quality and accessibility top of mind. From luxury body treatments and massages to traditional and medically driven services, Aman Spa goes beyond massage therapy through its individualized approach and unique offerings.

Keep reading to learn all about our full conversation with Tullo below, where we dive into what clients can expect when visiting Aman Spa and how the brand is revolutionizing massage therapy under the guidance of Tullo and his knowledge of the growing industry.

aman spa

Thomas Tullo, Owner and Spa Director of Aman Spa

What sparked the idea for Aman Spa?

I guess I can answer this question in two ways.

The first way is the name. I was traveling in the middle east and while sitting on the sand dune taking a break a song came on. The song was “Aman”. The moment brought me such peace and serenity. It was prophetic when I asked about what the singer was saying when she repeated “Aman” and was told that the word refers to a being or feeling secure and safe.

The second way is the spa itself and what we provide. Before I became a massage therapist, I would frequent massage clinics when I was injured from working out and Spas when I needed some rest and relaxation. I never thought much of this divide until I became a therapist and worked at a luxury spa and at a massage clinic. I felt that there was an unnecessary separation of mind and body in massage – where physical healing was handled in the clinics, and mental wellness and relaxation at spas. To me, wellness is a combination of mind and body and I wanted to create a place where you would receive the healing your body needs and the soothing your mind desires. That is where the idea for Aman came from – a place of safety and security to heal from the physical, emotional, and mental stressors of modern life. We only have one unpredictable life to live and I want to have a place where I can help others make it the best it can be.

How did your knowledge of the industry help make Aman Spa a reality?

I have always been an enthusiast of health and beauty. I have spent, and continue to spend, countless hours researching everything wellness – whether it be skin treatments, cosmetics, exercise practices, or wellness-promoting products and activities. When I started working at luxury spas and massage clinics, I tried to learn from everyone around me. I listened to the business owners, the managers, my fellow therapists, and the clients. I tried to soak up all the knowledge and perspective I came across so that I could put them to use when I opened my own place. There is so much more that goes into having a business than hope and an idea. I wanted to make sure that I added to my knowledge of the industry so that I could make my vision a reality. What I learned is that you never can stop learning and evolving. This is why I continue to add to my knowledge by taking classes and learning from both my clients and my peers.

aman spa

How is Aman Spa leading the way when it comes to offering wellness-oriented services that keep quality and accessibility top of mind?

AMAN seeks to combine the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of well-being in every treatment we provide. The focus is always on providing luxury services that incorporate medical-grade products, the newest proven technologies, and highly trained staff.

AMAN’s delivery of treatment is very purposeful, meaning that we promote accessibility by ensuring that every treatment is tailored in a conscious, purposeful, and deliberate way to each client’s unique needs. To ensure we lead the way in treatment content and delivery, I conduct industry research and continually review and revise our treatment protocols. I also make sure to keep an open dialogue with AMAN’s skilled practitioners so that their experience and knowledge are continually integrated into what we do.

We hear that you are driven by developing deep and personal connections with clients to heal and provide long-term physical and psychological benefits. Tell us more about this.

I think I touched a little on this earlier when talking about the conscious and purposeful approach we take to the delivery of all our services to our clients. The treatments we provide are very personal. Not only do they involve the intimacy of touch, but they are treatments that can profoundly affect the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of our clients. By getting to know our clients personally and deeply, we are able to not only tailor current treatments to realize immediate benefits better but we are also able to develop a tailored plan that aims at the unique client’s long-term goals.

It’s easy to say “I want better skin”. We all think we understand what that means. But that undertaking is informed by our own lenses. We have to see “better skin” through the lenses our clients wear so that we see what they see. In other words, we need to know where our clients wish to be and why in their wellness journey so that we can help them reach those goals. The only way we can do this is through the close, personal connection that allows for communication and true understanding.

aman spa

What are some of the services clients can expect when visiting Aman Spa?

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, we offer a wide range of traditional and medically driven services at AMAN. Our massages range from relaxation to deep tissue, to aromatherapy, to hot Himalayan salt stone and pregnancy. We also have our signature face massage, which has been extremely popular.

AMAN also offers other body treatments, such as a body scrub to exfoliate during the dry winter season fully, the 3-in-1 body facial, and our newest addition is Brazilian lymphatic drainage which addresses a variety of cosmetic and medical needs, such as post-surgery recovery.

Our facials using luxury medical grade products address a variety of skin needs and include our 3-in-1 super facial using OxyGeneo and the ultra-luxurious 90-minute black diamond facial. We also offer facial lymphatic drainage and shorter facial treatments for those who don’t have a full hour that day.

Finally, we offer medical aesthetics including botox, Morpheus8 microneedling, and RF to address skin issues all over the face and body, Forma, and laser hair removal.

How does Aman Spa take an individualized approach to each and every treatment?

This touches on what we spoke about earlier, which is our dedication to building deep and personal connections with our clients. Wellness is not a solitary journey, but one that we take with those who guide and help us along the path. At AMAN, our therapists get to know our clients and their needs, both at the moment as they evolve over time, to make sure that every client is supported appropriately in pursuit of their wellness goals.

What are the ways in which Aman Spa goes beyond massage therapy?

Although I am trained as an RMT, my personal and professional experiences have made it clear to me that wellness is multimodal. This is why we offer a wide variety of body and facial treatments, including medical aesthetics. Add to this variety our never-ending search for different treatments and improvements to our treatments. We want to lead the way in being the space where people walk out recharged, relaxed and changed for the better.

aman spa

What’s next for Aman Spa?

Our boutique spa in the heart of downtown Toronto is bustling. We love being close to our clients who work and live downtown. Next, we are looking for a larger space to offer a larger variety of wellness services, including thoughtful, serene amenities where our clients can relax before and after their treatments.

Be sure to check out Aman Spa on Instagram: @amantoronto_

Visit the brand’s official website amanspa.ca for more information and to book a service.

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