Safety will always be a top priority when choosing your next travel destination. This is especially true if you’re travelling alone and have nobody else to look out for you. Unfortunately, the world is full of amazing cities and splendid countries that aren’t very safe. Crime rates can be high, tourists are targeted, and you don’t feel at ease when staying in the local accommodation. 

Nevertheless, let’s not dwell on the negatives! Instead, let’s look at safe travel destinations around the world. Today, our journey takes us to Southeast Asia and the wonderful sovereign island nation of Singapore. Already, your interest is piqued as Singapore has long been a hotspot for travellers young and old. Many people backpack here on their own, with equal numbers of people flocking here in groups. There are many reasons for this, but its safety has to be one of the main ones. Is this the safest travel destination on earth? It’s certainly right up there…

A very low crime rate

Singapore has one of the lowest crime rates in the world – and this has been the way for many years. Unlike a lot of tourist hotspots, you won’t find pickpockets loitering the streets and public transport stations. Petty crimes like this are incredibly rare, and this is backed up by a very low mugging rate. Both of these things combine to make Singapore a safe place to walk around on your own at almost any time of day. It’s a stark contrast to some of the other popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, which are riddled with pickpocketing and similar crimes. 

A low chance of being scammed

As a tourist, you must be on the lookout for scams in every destination you visit. Local criminals and business owners are always keen to take advantage of foreigners. This is true in just about every country across the world! When you don’t know much about a country’s customs or culture, it’s easy to be conned into buying something and parting with loads of cash. You do get some scams in Singapore, but they’re exceedingly rare. Put it this way, if you walk into a market or go through some shops, there’s a very low chance you will be scammed. 

Lots of safe places to stay

The accommodation options will play a vital role in suggesting if a destination is safe or not. Does it really matter if crime figures are low if you don’t have a safe place to stay? You need to feel comfortable and at ease when settling down for the night! Likewise, you want to feel safe knowing that you will return to a room that hasn’t been tampered with after a day of walking around. Thankfully, Singapore has a plethora of safe accommodation options to choose from. The real estate industry thrives in this beautiful island state. Many landlords offer short-term rent room policies for tourists. This essentially means you stay in a fancy apartment for the duration of your trip, keeping yourself as safe as can be. Of course, there are hotels in abundance, all of which have excellent safety ratings. 

Safe and reliable public transport

Public transport systems tend to be the least safe places in a country. This is where a lot of trouble seems to occur, largely because they’re unpoliced, and you feel unprotected. In Singapore, the public transport system is safer than most. It’s immaculate, regularly patrolled by the authorities, and always on time. Punctuality is actually essential when your safety comes into account. If buses and trains are always delayed, it means you’re left standing at a station on your own for longer. This increases the chances of your safety being at risk. Luckily, this isn’t a problem in Singapore. 

A swift and responsive police force

One of the main reasons for Singapore’s safety is the police force. Justice is swiftly carried out in Singapore, with criminals being made to pay very quickly. Obviously, this deters a lot of crimes from taking place. People know that the police are active and swift in their response, so they don’t bother taking the risk. It creates a place that feels very calm and at ease as the locals know they can trust one another and the authorities. 

Overall, Singapore could be one of the safest travel destinations on earth. It’s certainly seen as the safest place in South Asia, and a few other countries can rival it. So, if you want to travel somewhere that puts you at ease, this could be your next destination.